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  • Cold

    by Chris Fox
    February 2010



    COLD will be heading through Wisconsin in early March. After a five year break, COLD plans to release a new album in May under the name “Epic.” There have been numerous lineup changes, band personnel issues, and label dramas and Scooter Ward (vocals) explains that it was a needed vacation from the band. They plan to come out with guns blazing in promotion of the forthcoming album on tour with Nonpoint. “We are in the same place when recording and playing live,” so they really can’t wait to hit the road.

    The quintet pride themselves on writing soulful rock music. “It is rock from the heart,” explains Ward. They digress on style and allow the music to flow into whatever form it chooses. “We really don’t play for any specific style. When writing heartfelt music like this it just pours out… it’s really easy coming.” This emotional drive to their music has shown through, with songs like “13 Ways to Bleed On Stage,” upon listening you really get an understanding of what COLD is all about. “It’s definitely not forced, if we have to force a song it doesn’t happen.” The development of the band has been a long process but they are happy with what they have come to. “It really is how long we’ve been playing together that affects our sound… we really have come a long way.”

    Traditional rock influences like Elvis and Kiss have allowed COLD to develop their approachable yet slightly dark sound. Ward explains, “Our song writing has really matured from our influences.” The darker sound and Kiss inspiration has helped develop the Cold Army. “These fans are super loyal. They seem to bleed through the music, like we do, and it develops that strong connection. These fans are the ones that have stuck by us through everything.”

    As members of the Kiss Army in their younger days, COLD has give 110% from the start. Ward digresses, “we saw what they [Kiss] had, and who doesn’t want that kind of loyalty from their fans, thus the Cold Army was born.” The power of music in general is something that COLD thrives on, and there is a philosophy present in their music. “A feeling of hope… giving hope in some form through our music… that’s what music does to me, and I’m so happy I can do that for other people.”

    COLD plays music for all the right reasons. Playing music because they just feel it, and playing to be able to release artistically, keep Ward and the rest of COLD down to earth. Their ability to step away from the hype of the music scene really speaks to the legitimacy of the band. “It’s really about the experience of playing… the way you feel when you play music… its magic,” explains Ward. “I do this because it is a part of me.”

    Come feel the noise at Revolutions in Appleton, when COLD comes to town with Nonpoint on March 7. “We can’t wait to see all of our old fans, and meet all new ones.”

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