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  • Dave Adler

    Maximum Ink Music Magazine's Video Podcast Hosted by Teri Barr
    by Teri Barr
    April 2021

    Episode 002 features Dave Adler, a well-known Madison native, who returned to make music in his hometown after years of moving from coast-to-coast.
    Dave plays with close to a dozen artists and groups, and shares how much he’s missed it during the COVID-19 pandemic; then, shows off his humor and talent through a song he makes up—on the spot!
    Dave also bravely tackles “10 Questions with Teri,” and some of what he tells her, may surprise you. Enjoy the music and fun!

    The Maximum Ink Music Magazine Podcast is a new, regular video podcast focused on musicians and artists with a tie to Wisconsin. Hosted by Teri Barr, a long-time scribe for Maximum Ink Music Magazine’s award-winning print version. Teri is also a live music enthusiast and supporter.

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