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An interview with vocalist Jared Gomes
by Max Ink Writer List
November 2010



Hed Pe (the Hed stands for higher thought and the PE added later meaning planet earth) is best known as a G - punk act. Hed was formed in 1994 in Huntington Beach,CA. They have nine albums to date(including one live album and one compilation).Current members include Jared Gomes, Jaxon, Mawk, DJ Project 1969, and Trauma. The music fuses styles like hip hop,reggae, punk rock, and heavy metal. I recently caught up with Jared for the latest on their work.

Maximum Ink: Where did the idea for the name Hed pe come from?
Jared Gomes: The word head comes from one of the first songs I wrote with the band that was called “heavy head”, which was about thinking too much and depression. For a while we were just called Hed. When we got signed, we had to change our name for legal reasons and we added the P.E., which stands for Planetary Evolution, and came from some books I was reading. Books like ET 101, and Earth: The living library by Barbara Marciniak.

MI: What were some of your earliest influences?
JG: The influences have definitely changed through the years. In the 90s, I was influenced by The Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails and Dr. Dre.

MI: Which artists would you say have influenced the Hed pe sound the most?
JG: When the band reformed in 2003, I become born again from my new influences of old school and hardcore punk. Bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols,  Minor Threat and Suicidal Tendencies. 

MI: Which genre do you prefer the most would you say?
JG: Since (Hed)pe is all about blending styles, this reflects the fact that I cannot choose any one style. I love heavy metal, punk, hip hop and reggae. These are my biggest influences. 

MI: When did you first know you wanted to be a musician?
JG: Well, I started playing piano at 8 years old, but I was about 20 years old when I first sang for a heavy metal band. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to actually make a living at music, but finally me dreams came true.

MI: What advice to you have to offer future musicians?
JG: My advice is to stick to your artistic foundations. A lot of people pressure artists into changing their style in order to make money. I fell for that a few times, and definitely learned my lesson.

MI: Any advice on how to avoid as many legal issues as possible? If you don’t mind my asking?
JG: Well, definitely taking any contracts to a good entertainment lawyer. Because most of these contracts are written in a kind of confusing way, so it’s important to realize exactly what you’re signing, especially in your early stages. Management contracts, merchandise contracts, record deal contracts, they are all important and MUST be looked over by a professional.

MI: Which of your albums so far has been your favorite to work on and why?
JG: I would have to say that all of the Independent albums have been my favorite ones. So, those are albums “Only in Amerika”, “Back 2 Base X”, “Insomnia”, “New World Orphans” and now our new album “Truth Rising”. These albums provided me complete freedom, and I have been able to express myself openly.

MI: Which song is your favorite to do live?
JG: I couldn’t pick one song, but definitely RENEGADE is one of my favorites. I also enjoy LIVE OR DIE FREE.

MI: Do you prefer to play live or work in the studio?
JG: Two completely different things. There is no playing live, without first recording, so they are dependent on each other. You could spend a month getting one song right in the studio, and live it is over and 3 minutes, so for me, it is impossible to compare the two things.

MI: Other than music what things do you truly feel passionate about?
JG: I am definitely into politics and what I call The Truth Movement. I am into reading about lost human history, the ET reality and bureaucracy. Also, I am a student of spirituality and consciousness.

MI: What would you first change about the world today if you could?
JG: I would bring out the truth about ETs. I would bring out Free Energy technology. I would expose corrupt politicians and exalt the honest ones.

MI: How has the band changed most since it’s early days?
JG: Well, in the 90s, the band was mostly about partying, then in 2002 the band broke up. In 2003, I reformed the band, by popular demand, and at that point the band started waving a flag for TRUTH and Planetary Evolution. The first (Hed)pe was kind of experimental, and the new (Hed)pe is heavier and more hardcore. The guitars are much heavier, and the drums are way heavier. I don’t think we would be around if we had remained on the same path as the 90s.

MI: When you first started this band did you think it would last as well as it has?
JG: I don’t think I was clear enough to realize where I was going. When the band started I was extremely toxic, and my brain was clouded by all the chemicals. Had I not cleaned up my act, I don’t think we would have lasted this long.

MI: What one thing about you would even your closest friends be surprised to learn?
JG: I think my closest friends have no idea how important this message of LOVE and TRUTH is to me. It consumes my entire life.

MI: What was it like to have Lajon Witherspoon join you on Stand Up? Are you a fan of his work?
JG: I am definitely a fan of Lajon’s and have been since the beginning. It was an honor to have him on that track, and it was effortless working with him. The guy has a great attitude and an amazing voice.

MI: What led you to do Menina using Portuguese?
JG: Well, both my parents, and all my ancestors are from Brazil. I am a first generation American, and I have great respect for where I come from. I have always wanted to do a hardcore song in Portuguese, and it seems people are digging it.

MI: Do you speak any other languages?
JG: Only Portuguese. Of course, since we travel a lot, I also know a few words in Japanese and Russian, but would no way claim I can speak any other languages.

MI: Do you feel it is important to be bilingual in time such as these?
JG: Oh yes. When you go overseas, all those kids know like three languages at least. I think it sucks that in America most people only know English. Very limiting.

MI: What can Hed PE fans look forward to next?
JG: (Hed)pe constantly evolves.  I can’t stand being stagnant, and I never fear change. I embrace it. So (Hed)pe fans can look forward to more enlightenment and more release. More evolution and more sincere expression.

MI: What would you like your famous last words to be?

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