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  • Madcity Nights - September 2018

    Previews of shows around Madison and surrounding areas
    by Max Ink
    September 2018

    Willy Street Fair 2018 - photo by David Michael Miller

    Willy Street Fair 2018
    photo by David Michael Miller

    Mattson 2 with Astronauts, Etc.
    Friday, September 14 @ 8pm
    The Ruby

    Revisiting, honoring and adapting to electric guitar and drums, Mattson 2 recently recorded their version of John Coltrane’s, “A Love Supreme.” Virtuosic collaborators improvising their way into the hearts and minds of jazz and rock fans alike, this will be a very special evening of intense music-making. By John Noyd

    4th Annual Concert to #EndAlz
    Saturday, September 15 @ 3-6pm
    Bos Meadery

    Area musicians can often be found playing shows to raise funds and awareness to support a good cause, and singer-songwriter Karen Wheelock is hosting her 4th Annual Concert to #EndALZ (Alzheimer’s). Karen’s been directly impacted by the disease, as has almost everyone else involved, including Jenna Joanis, Mackenzie Moore, Katie Scullin, Carolynn Schwartz Black, and Curtis Goodman. And though the show is FREE there will be a silent auction, wine pull, and other opportunities to support this event. By the way, I’ll be your #EndALZ host in honor of my Grandmother. By Teri Barr

    40th Annual Willy Street Fair
    Saturday, September 15 @ 2-9pm
    Sunday, September 16 @ 11 am - 7pm

    The Willy Street Fair is a Madison tradition and 40 years of running proves it. The free festival closes off a few blocks of Williamson Street where craft and food vendors fill the void between five performance stages. Local favorite bands sprinkle the stages between performances from international and regional artists.

    The Madison World Music Festival Stage is presented by the Wisconsin Union Theater who is using their network to bring in artists like Aynur from Turkey, La Misa Negra from Latin America, and Gili Yalo from Israel/Ehtiopia and well as local superstar Tani Diakite who is from Mali/Madison.

    Other highlights include folk rockers Wheelhouse, Madcity’s Irish songsters the Kissers, local folk of Josh harty & Blake Thomas, local rockin’ hip-hop with Bird’s Eye, Minneapolis’ The Bad Companions, The Grovelers from Milwaukee, and the post-punk pop of His & Her Vanities to name just a few. For the full music lineup go to facebook.com/willystreetfair. By Rökker

    Cloven Hoof, Vicious Rumors, Vanlade, Lords of the Trident
    Sunday, September 16 @ 7pm
    Red Zone Madison/Annex

    On their very first US tour, Cloven Hoof has built a large following in the UK. With their 80’sBritish influence metal sound and eagerness to make the very first US tour a success, its no doubt this will be a full metal experience. Madison’s own Lords Of The Trident, along with Vanlade, and Vicious Rumors who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their 1988 album Digital Dictator fill the lineup. By Tommy Rage

    Japanese Breakfast with Ougfht
    Sunday, September 16 @  8pm
    Majestic Theatre

    Alt-pop’s whole-hearted architect Japanese Breakfast conjures heavenly textures over open emotions, plummeting inner desires drowning in galactic sound and lifted in vivid sincerity. Paired with tempestuous post-punk soul-soldiers Ought, both bands arrive with strong new albums and sterling reputations for engaging their audience through consummate performances. By John Noyd

    Natalie Prass with Stella Donnelly
    Thursday, September 20 8pm
    High Noon Saloon

    Moving from baroque-pop to deeper grooves on her latest album, singer-songwriter Natalie Prass maintains impeccable taste and an ear for crisp melodies. Opener Stella Donnelly is a must-see. Sharp words bring an edge to her folk-guitar accompaniment, a sweet dreamy angel frequently stalking danger with a fearless abandon. By John Noyd

    Yes Factory
    Sunday, September 23

    The Rockford musical dynasty continues, this time with the son of Robin Zander, Ian Zander, joining forces with songwriter Brennan Reiter. The band, YES FACTORY, is hitting the Ruby with SHADY GRAPES and THE FANCY PEARS. I dunno if there’s some sort of fruit thing going on, but fans of FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE or POSIES should have a great time! By Mike Huberty

    Delinquents, Coasting, Cigarette Bums, Common Threads, Kermit Obert
    Wednesday, September 26 @ 7:30pm
    Art In

    Tip here is that drummer Austin Ash, formeerly of Madison’s Colorphase, is coming through town with his Southern California based Trash-Pop band and Sick City Records recording artists the Cigarette Bums. By Rökker

    We Were Promised Jetpacks with Jenn Champion
    Thursday, September 27 @ 8:30pm
    Majestic Theatre

    Uplifting angst, nimble synergy and cathartic martyrdom washes over battered compassion and passionate salvation as kick-ass indie-rockers WWPJ launch their new moody, “The More I Sleep The Less I Dream,” with a highly anticipated stop in Madison. Electronic beat-pop provocateur Jenn Champion starts the restless festivities. By John Noyd

    Jeffrey James and Dana Perry Album Release Shows
    Friday, September 28 @ 7pm
    Brink Lounge

    It’s a double dose of goodness at The Brink Lounge in Madison when Jeffrey James and Dana Perry team up for a show to each release their own new album! This event is already being described as a “do not miss,” and with these two singer-songwriters filling the bill, it will be a night of good vibes and great music. Dana recently wrapped up a Midwest tour while Jeffrey just returned from a tour on the other side of the world. By Teri Barr

    MSN Punk
    Frdiay, September 29 @ 9pm
    High Noon Saloon

    I’m just happy anyone who used to play the Anchor Inn is still alive. A grungy nasty punk rock dive, it was the connective tissue for hard rock, metal, and punk in the scene right after the turn of the century. It made the High Noon look like Carnegie Hall. That’s where bands like SHOTDOWN cut their teeth with raw, aggressive classic sounding hard rock and it’s nice they’re still around, grinding away with big distorted power chords, throbbing eighth notes, and fists in the air full of PBR (or whatever the cheapest beer you can find!). By Mike Huberty

    Michael Graves of The Misfits, Goolsby, Nim Vid, Sinister Fate, Outdrejas
    Sunday, September 30 @ 7pm
    The Back Bar in Janseville

    Punk is punk. It may not have not have changed a lot, thanks to one of the pioneers of punk – The Misfits. Michael Graves, the former lead singer who performed on 2 of the Misfits albums in the 90’s, brings the horror punk sound back to Wisconsin. Graves, along with Goolsby, Nim Vid, Sinister Fate and Outdrejas share the full punk experience as one of the true originators of great punk music. By Tommy Rage

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