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  • Something To Do

    by Brett Lemke
    February 2003

    Let me guess, you thought the Ska scene in Madison was dead when they shut down the Mango Grille. Well, the Mango isn’t going to be opening it’s doors anytime soon, but you can catch the WiSKAnsin band Something To Do to get your fix. Maximum Ink interviewed the band about their new album Naked Pigeons Inside! on Trapdoor Records, the past & present Skappelton shows, and to see if the fans were still skankin’ to the music.

    Something To Do is an amalgamation of two former WiSKAnsin bands with a six-member lineup. They keep the horn section simple and round off the shows with raw stage performances. “Mike (trumpet) and Marc (trombone) were both in the Straight Edge Crack Whores together, and Kenny (vocals, guitar) and Nate (vocals, bass) were in Vitamin King,” the band relayed via Mike’s email, “both of the bands were on the downslide, and since we all needed something to do, the guys decided the name just fit.”

    Last Year they played Skappleton 2002, a ska festival in Appleton, and delivered a high-energy set to a strong crowd with a circle pit the size of a school bus. “We rocked out hard last May in Appleton and in Green Bay,” says Mike, “[Both of the Shows] with Mustard Plug were off the hook.”


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