The Cervical Rock 2011

interview with Elicia Rocker
by Mike Huberty
June 2011

Elicia Rocker

Elicia Rocker

New Cervical cancer diagnoses occur in the United States over twelve thousand times a year and almost four thousand women die from the disease. Yet, it’s one of the most preventable cancers and death rates are declining due to ladies getting earlier and more regular testing. On Wednesday, August 3rd, the High Noon in Madison will host The Cervical Rock 2011, a benefit to make a difference someone personally affected by this disease. Featuring an all-star lineup of Madison hard rock, metal, punk, and indie bands, we talked to the benefit’s creator, Elicia Rocker of Extremely Rockin’ Photography about why she was inspired to get this thing going.

MI: What about your friends’ situation made you decide that you needed to help?

A: We have known each other our whole lives and she is one of the sweetest people I know and if it were me who ended up in this situation she would do the same thing. She is only 25 and works at a retail store where she does have insurance but it hasn’t covered much of her bills. She is very far in debt and scrapping by. When she came to me and told me about the bills in collections and needed some extra money to help get her car repaired, I decided enough is enough, you can’t heal when you are stressed about money or stressed at all. So I did what anyone in my position would do, I started putting together a benefit show.

MI: What kind of effect has cancer had upon you or your family personally?

A: Cervical Cancer runs in my family. My mom had it before she had me and it is treatable if you catch it in time.

MI: How did you decide on the bands for the benefit? Do they have a personal connection to the girl who the fundraiser is for? Or do any of them have particular reasons for wanting to combat cervical cancer?

A: Many of the them know and love her and the few that don’t know her personally are just great amazing friends who have moms, sisters, girlfriends and friends that are women that could someday be faced with this.

MI: What other stuff will be going on besides music at the benefit (raffle tickets, auction, etc…) that are ways that people can contribute?

A: Extremely Rockin’ Photography will covering 50% of the cost of advertising, t-shirts, stickers and I will also be setting up a photo booth on the upper level of the High Noon for $5.00 donations people will get two shots a piece which will be put on website for download and print out after the show .

Escape Arsonists Productions is donating 50% of the cost of advertising, tshirts, stickers and helping me set the show up all together. There will be a silent auction with things to bid on. All the pet groomers at Tabby and Jacks Holistic Pet Shop will be donating 1 hour of grooming services in-store for the silent auction, Sabrina Bodden will be donating chair messages and has donated her time and started working on our website ( which should be up by July 4th weekend, where anyone will be able to make donations if they can’t make it to the event. On the website we will have a place where young women can write in with their story and we will vote on who to sponsor next year.
Also, I am working on getting an AFLAC Representive there to educate people with or without insurance on their Maximum Difference Plan that is Specified-Disease Limited Insurance. I just recently signed up myself for it and if I am ever in the situation my friend is I will have some cancer specific coverage and I think everyone out there should at least know this kind of coverage exists.

MI: What kind of awareness needs to be raised when it comes to cervical cancer?

A: As far as awareness goes, CHECK UPS! She went only two years without one and it could have been caught sooner. Her symptoms were, loss of hair, fatique, extreme cramps, spot bleeding, irregular periods.

MI: Anything else?

A: I would really like to add a huge thank you to all the bands for their love and support: What’s the Action, 4 Asprin Morning, Tiny Riots, Kill Junior, Government Zero, and The American Dead

The Cervical Rock cover will be $5 and start at 6 o’clock on Wednesday August 3rd at the High Noon Saloon.

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