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  • Collective Acoustics

    Album title: bc >= ad
    Record Label: Gah Gah Music
    Rating: 10
    by Andrew Frey
    April 2011
    (3210) Page Views

    Collective Acoustics - bc >= ad

    Collective Acoustics - bc >= ad

    Love at first riff? From the very moment I put this in the player, the silky smooth organic rocktronica created by this experimental trio caressed my musical g-spot. The flowing and dreamy instrumentals are comprised of curious guitars, murmuring and enticing jazzy rhythms and patches of blissful ambience. All played on real instruments. No samples, loops or MIDI here. The highly versatile crew creates in other interesting ways including organs, electric bass and harpsichord plus instruments and devices of their own design.

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    Download bc >= ad
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