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  • Savant

    Album title: Jester
    Record Label: Vybz
    Rating: 10
    by Andrew Frey
    July 2017
    (943) Page Views

    Savant - Jester

    Savant - Jester


    Surprise! To date, Savant (aka Aleksander Vinter of Norway) has composed/produced over 10,000 songs in various genres (most notably metal, orchestral/classical, hip-hop and electronic music) and under several aliases, with many topping charts near and far. Jester hops through genres and styles like a kid in a candy store, spending a moment on one, before being attracted to another and then another. With such a cornacopia of sounds, styles and samples to choose from, every moment of every song ushers forth a new succulent musical morsel for your ears to nibble on.

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