Banco De Gaia

Album title: Ollopa: Apollo Remixed
Record Label: 1-2-3-4 GO
Rating: 9
by Andrew Frey
October 2013
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Banco De Gaia - Ollopa: Apollo Remixed

Banco De Gaia - Ollopa: Apollo Remixed

While remix albums are diverse and plentiful, the real trick is to get the zestiest musicians to work with the most intriguingly remixable material. Banco De Gaia has been around for 20+ years, releasing excellent ambient world beat electronica, but the Apollo album was his first album in 7 years, so might as well do it up! Remixers here include Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project, System 7, Eat Static, and Gaudi, which is why this is a special treat.

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