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    Album title: ‘Till The End
    Record Label: Seeking Blue Records
    Rating: 10
    by Andrew Frey
    May 2018
    (740) Page Views

    MITIS - ‘Till The End

    MITIS - ‘Till The End

    After MitiS’ hard drive crashed without a backup 6 months or so ago, he was forced to redo most of what would become “Till The End. Rather than be defeated, this catalyst gave him the drive and desire to create one of the most amazing EDM releases of the year to date! His resulting approach has lots of attention to details woven into a timeless tapestry of melodic electronica. Additionally, he ups that anti by adding vocalists Gioto, Adara, Tedy, Lauren Hunter, PartyNails, and PRXZM to his mixes. Bravo!

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