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Eclectic Vibes - June 2016

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey

Porsche Carmon of the Charles Walker Band strutting her stuff at the WORT Block Party - photo by Andrew Frey

Tumult and new opportunities after chaos are common when the planets are retrograde and currently there are 3 planets in that state (down from 5 a month ago).  Planetary retrograde is when the one or more planets are pulling against the earth because of their unique elliptical orbits. Has your life been going through massive changes and rearranging? Join the club.

After a couple years of sub par weather and flat out rain, this year,  the WORT Radio Block Party held on 5/22 was graced with great weather to compliment the amazing beer offerings and music. Beer wise, Wisconsin Brewing Company’s Nectarine Special Pale Ale was my fave, while musically The Charles Walker Band stole the show, showing off a battery of Neo-Funk, Soul and R&B originals with sizzling on stage performances by vocalist Porsche Carmon and Walker himself.

With a change to a larger venue and Shpongle as the main headliner, I really wish I could make it to Infrasound Festival this year, but it simply isn’t in the cards. I would also love to see Alex and Allyson Grey work their visual magic, along with great music sets from EOTO, The Orb, PantyRaid, Manic Focus, OTT, and Phuturprimitive, but I have prior obligations. Let me know how this one goes!  June 2-6 at Highbridge, WI.

Long ago, in a distant land of the early 90s, I often grooved to the progressive soul metal that King’s X pumped out. Since then ;they have progressed their vision and produced a consistent string of solo and group releases until some semi recent health issues dampened their touring for a while. However, they have a new release looming and are back at it and out on the road again 8/26 at High Noon Saloon, in Madison, WI and 6/27 at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI.

MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Phlegmatic thru 10 is Cocksure
Polish Ambassador - Dreaming of an Old Tomorrow

The Polish Ambassador

Dreaming of an Old Tomorrow
Record Label: Jumpsuit Records
Review published: May 2016
Rating: 9

The world’s funkiest diplomat is back with 14 new tracks to feast your ears on! Welcoming nearly as many guest musicians as tracks, this release continues his vision of mixing conscious hip hop and earth aware lyrics with downtempo electronica in the sweetest ways imaginable. Also available is an instrumental version of this same album for twice the listening pleasure. As always, a significant portion of music, merch and show proceeds goes to support, his community action Non-Profit. Go Polish!

Supersillyus - Charade


Record Label: Gravitas Recordings
Review published: May 2016
Rating: 9

Supersillyus is your new found guide down a six track road titled “Charade.” This pilgrimage into a strange, eclectic and curious realm of psychedelic electronica is woven with alluring melodies and ambient seductions, highlighted by haunting rhythms and a few choicly spun vocals. Filled with simple to complex influences crossing numerous genres, this auric storytelling is as welcoming in you headphones as on the dance floor, if you are brave enough to explore these dimensions of wonder and intrigue.

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