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Eclectic Vibes - November 2016

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey

Too Many Zooz at the Majestic Theater  - photo by Andrew Frey

Water. Not oil. I have heard of my alternatives for energy, but none for water. Protect our water.

I am still recovering from my first live exposure to Too Many Zooz at the Majestic Theater in Madison on 10/5. Leo P worked his baritone saxophone and body in ways that still mystify me. This trio may have honed their skills in the subway, but now they are setting stages on fire across the country! Even better, they opened for the mystical and majestic Beats Antique. An extra auspicious day, as it was the release day for their newest, Shadowbox. What a fantastic show!

On 10/6 the Majestic Theater was invaded by mummies! However, it was all in good fun, as the well wrapped 8 member multi instrumentalist troupe known as Here Come the Mummies brought their high energy spooktacular through the area. Rumored to contain Grammy award winning members, this top notch Nashville based band bathed us in horns and funked our junk beyond the grave and back.

Capping off a month long cross country tour, Madison’s preeminent Amerijuanicans, Bongzilla are percolating one last choker for the Mad City. Shaking out their classic Gateway member lineup, this big bonger is sure to leave audience members dazed and confused. For the ultimate in dab-u-tainment, find em on 11/22 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI.

MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Loutish thru 10 is Ambrosial
John Brown's Body - Fireflies

John Brown's Body

Record Label: Easy Star
Review published: November 2016
Rating: 9

As the popularity of reggae continues to rise, we find JBB leading the pack, with Fireflies debuting at #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts. Their 11th studio album is filled with hook-heavy rootsy reggae offset by melodic soundscapes and constant sizzling selections from their horn section. The Ithaca, NY based dub rockers are in top form and ready to take their charge to the highest heights.

DubFX - Thinking Clear


Thinking Clear
Record Label: Convoy Unltd
Review published: November 2016
Rating: 10

Melbourne born street performer, beat boxer and looping artist extraordinaire Dub FX (aka Ben Stanford) gives us a potent and powerful dose of his unique artistry with Thinking Clear, which shows off his soulful lyrical exploration of social, political and spiritual subjects while injecting the additional live instrumentation of a bass player, pianist, percussionist and a 3 piece horn section to his groovy vibes. Recorded in his own Treetop Studios and offered on his Convoy Unltd label, this release builds on his grassroots busking success that propelled him into selling over 200,000 records and receiving 100 million and counting YouTube views after performing in 40 different countries and at numerous festivals. Bravo!

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Hedflux - Soul Science


Soul Science
Record Label: Luminus Music
Review published: November 2016
Rating: 10

Although quantum physicists don’t usually drop out of their field to pursue their dream of becoming an award winning world renowned psychedelic DJ/producer, that’s the path that sound psyentis Headflux (aka Steve Young) has taken. Being immersed in electronic music for more that 2 decades has allowed him create this splendidly flowing 8 track offering, with each selection hovering in the 7 minute range and covering a wide range of territory, from liquid ambiance to contemplative tech-funk to mind probing psytrance.

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