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  • Eclectic Vibes - June 2017

    by Andrew Frey

    Harry Potter in concert

    Harry Potter in concert

    The throbbing oblong bustle of the summer is enveloping us by the moment. Please be advised that a mass release of vorpal interstellar grooves may knock you off you pedestal if you are unaware!

    After jamming out to the sensational Grateful Dead splendor that IS Darkstar Orchestra at the first King Street LIve event of the summer, be aware that your evening is far from over! After Darkstar has emitted their last ode to Jerrry, cruise into the Majestic Theater and groove out to the zany saxophone fronted explosion known as Too Many Zooz adn threi self-defined genre known as brass house. You can thank me later! 6/23 at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI. toomanyzooz.com

    What could be more fulfilling than watching Harry Potter movies on a big screen? Having a full symphony orchestra perform the music to the movie as you watch it you say? You’re in luck! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is on tour this summer and will be played live while the movie is projected in high-definition on a 40 foot tall screen. Avoid the muggles as you venture forth on 6/24-25 to the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, WI. harrypotterinconcert.com

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    An-Ten-Nae - Medicine

    An-Ten-Nae - Medicine


    Album title: Medicine
    Record Label: Muti Music
    Rating: 10

    (Muti Music)
    His sound is called Acid Crunk. With genre defining tenacity, An-Ten-Nae has released several Top 10 charting “Acid Crunk compilations”, garnering over 1,000,000 downloads to date. Medicine offers new bass heavy rhythmic interfaces into his Acid Crunk style and performance with blissful raptures and a few key samples. Great stuff!

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    Sunsquabi - Deluxe Ep

    Sunsquabi - Deluxe Ep


    Album title: Deluxe Ep
    Record Label: All Good Records
    Rating: 10

    A Colorado trio that caught my attention with their debut album last year on GRIZ’s All Good Record label. This critically acclaimed follow up EP throws down some serious future funk beats mixed with gigantic jammy rhythmic retention. Certain to take you to your happy place and make you want more! Catch em at Shangri La Festival Sept 8-10 at Harmony Park in Minnesota.

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    Yak Attack - The Radiant Kind

    Yak Attack - The Radiant Kind

    Yak Attack

    Album title: The Radiant Kind
    Record Label: Yak Attack
    Rating: 9

    Livetronica trios that pump out handsomely fresh bumps, funk and jazzy downtempo flips and slips are one of my fave things. Fling yourself onto the dance floor when this Portland crew swings through your town and their motivational beats spring from the speakers and into your hearts.

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