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  • Eclectic Vibes - August 2018

    by Andrew Frey



    Splish, splash, sun and fun! Hope your summer has been festival filled and music-tastic!

    Colorado had many noteworthy exports and the trio known as Sunsquabi is certainly one of them. Touring in support of their new “Live at Red Rocks” release, this electro-funk band knows how to get the party rolling and keep it going! Known for their smooth jams and hip swinging grooves with electronic infusions, Sunsquabi is undeniably a name you will be hearing for years to come. Your chance to see em live in Madison, WI happens on 8/24 as part of the LIVE on King Street series. Openers Steez with be joined Adult Swims RICKMOBILE!

    Over 35 musical acts of all genres will take over the Driftless Music Gardens for the landmark 10th year of People Fest. Created and cultivated by Madison’s own funk-tastic phenomenon, The People Brothers Band, People Fest has grown into a local institution of musical fortitude. Joined by Blackfoot Gypsies, WheelHouse, Chicago Farmer, Natty Nation, TUGG, The Big Wu, Heatbox and so many others, there is certainly something for everyone to groove out to on this full weekend of fun!

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Lubricious thru 10 Orotund

    Living Light - The Great Attractor

    Living Light - The Great Attractor

    Living Light

    Album title: The Great Attractor
    Record Label: Desert Trax
    Rating: 10

    After perfecting her keyboarding craft in the pioneering live electronic hybrid Psylab, Eartha Harris created the Living Light project in 2012. Several years and releases later, in between playing at festivals around the world plus teaching nutritional workshops and yoga classes, she brings us The Great Attractor, a delightfully dreamy psydub offering that bounces global beats amid multitudinous layers of consciousness infiltrating psychedelia and soothing succulent star struck melodies.

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    Red Baraat - Sound The People

    Red Baraat - Sound The People

    Red Baraat

    Album title: Sound The People
    Record Label: Rhyme & Reason Records
    Rating: 9

    Bhangra beat music has many avenues to choose from and the crazy twists and turns that this now 6-piece outfit infuses it with is undeniably spectacular. Their brassy global perspective and experimentation continues to push the musical boundaries of psychedelic, jazz, hip-hop as well as what can be accomplished on individual instruments. (9) Appearing with Tribu Aharu and Charanga Agoza’ on 8/16 at Central Park in Madison, WI.

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    Yellow Claw - New Blood

    Yellow Claw - New Blood

    Yellow Claw

    Album title: New Blood
    Record Label: Barong Family
    Rating: 9

    Thanks to their famed bass-heavy productions and riotous performances, this Dutch producer/DJ duo known as Yellow Claw (Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis) have moved to headlining festivals around the world this year. Released on their own Barong Family label, this 14 track release offers a full musical palette ranging from hip hop blasters to frenzied anthemic ragers to moody downtempo offerings, all with special guests. Although bouncing all around the world, you can catch em live on 9/2 at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, IL

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