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Eclectic Vibes - Rökktober 2008

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey


Samhain (aka Halloween) is screaming up on us this month again already. WHOO HOO! I plan on partying for a least 6.66 days. Hope to see you all out and about!

On September 24 at The Barrymore Theatre, Madison got it’s first experience with the latest Keller Williams driven project. This majestic supergroup eased on stage and gently finessed their way into the early grooves for the evening before firmly driving into the array of songs chosen for the show. The fabulous foursome, rounded out by Keith Moseley (bass - The String Cheese Incident), Gibb Droll (guitar - Marc Broussard, Brandi Carlile) and Jeff Sipe (drums - Aquarium Rescue Unit, Leftover Salmon), rarely stopped and songs ebbed and flowed quite smoothly into one another. Although I haven’t been a fan of solo Keller, this band approach won me over. The interaction, musical support and interplay between the 4 are quite obvious. They are on tour in support of the aptly named KELLER WILLIAMS WITH MOSELEY, DROLL & SIPE “Live” (SCI Fidelity Records) This delightful TRIPLE disc release (2 audio & 1 DVD) showcases what the group is capable of and gives you a pretty accurate picture of how the group is live. []

MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from Contorted Sinker thru 10 - Harmonious Virtuosity
Abney Park - Lost Horizons

Abney Park

Lost Horizons
Record Label: Self Released
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 10

Forerunners of the oncoming “Steampunk Artistic Movement,” this Seattle outfit takes flight with a story of roving time travelers and airship pirates while gallivanting through and amalgamating the most admirable traits of a variety of genres including gothic, gypsy rock, punk, industrial, and electronica. Eclectic, elegant and unique.

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Cyberchump - Our Wizards Of Earth


Our Wizards Of Earth
Record Label: Internal Combustion
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 9

Two extremely equipped psychedelic musicians from Milwaukee utilize their gaggle of instruments to produce a fascinating albeit quirky electronic soundscape repertoire with rooms and areas to float, groove, slide. A vibrant undercurrent of leading and teasing sound strings tie the listener to the musical affirmations driving the concepts.

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Devil's Slingshot - Clinophobia

Devil's Slingshot

Record Label: Mascot Records
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 8

A breathtaking Super-Trio comprised of musical luminaries Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan and Virgil Donail. As one would expect, they flex there impressive technical wizardry and musical prowess throughout this instrumental release with style, finesse and maturity.

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Funkadesi - Yo Baba


Yo Baba
Record Label: Funkadesi Records
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 9

Multi award winning Indian-Afrian-Caribbean ensemble from Chicago proves why they have earned such accolades by flooding the listeners ears with an excellent and energetic selection of popular world beat rhythms ranging from Bollywood, bhangra, reggae, funk, hip-hop, electronica and folk, blended and mixed into an infectious and danceable platter of tunes.

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Josh Phillips Folk Festival - Wicker

Josh Phillips Folk Festival

Record Label: Folk Festival
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 4

Singer, guitarist and percussionist of “Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band” strikes out on his own. Seeking to seemingly play each song diversely different from the last, traipsing through folk, funk, hip hop, and rock culminates with me disliking some songs as much as I like others. Confusing and proudly FCC compliant…

Metallica - Death Magnetic


Death Magnetic
Record Label: Warner Bros
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 10

I never thought I would actually LIKE Metallica again, but after ousting lamo producer Bob Rock and replacing him with the legendary Rick Ruben, plus returning to their original logo and MUSICAL ATTITUDE, I am reconverted. This is the album that COULD have come after “…And Justice For All.” That’s what it sounds like and by doing so would have prevented the LOADS of inferiority in the middle. The neck wreckers are back!

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Noodle Muffin - Long Live The Spin

Noodle Muffin

Long Live The Spin
Record Label: Fyoog State Records
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 7

Indie pop punk with a fired up politcal agenda. Organizers of, musically they utilize “spin” to their own devious ends by fractionalizing sound bytes and reorganizing them to their advantage with sarcastic and hilarious results. As great as the clips are, the music seems secondary and lags accordingly.

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Restavrant - Returns To The Tomb Of Guiliano Medidici


Returns To The Tomb Of Guiliano Medidici
Record Label: Narnack Records
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 7

A Texas garage punk duo that abuses guitars and banjos while utilizing abstract recycled percussion items like oil drums, boxes and license plates along with synth and drum machine to produce sloppy swampy hillbilly twang and bang rock n roll. Yall git wit dis one now!

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 - Sexo Olympico

Sexo Olympico
Record Label: Thirteenth Planet
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 10

By recruiting talented fresh musical blood, founding member and resident industrial music wizard Alien Jorgensen has revitalized the amazing musical magic of the early 90’s releases. Here we are also blessed with a flagrant dose of the bands trademark smut and grind while Jorgensen himself is reportedly taking more of a back seat and releasing control to the next generation. FUCKIN HOT!!!

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Taj Mahal - Maestro

Taj Mahal

Record Label: Heads Up
Review published: October 2008
Rating: 10

Wow! This is smoking hot blues bash shows this two time GRAMMY winner in top form and complimented with a load of stellar guest performers. The release also marks the 40th year in the career of this amazing multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. On his first release in 5 years he demonstrates that his musical fire is still vibrant and his influence is going strong on these delightfully danceable ditties.

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