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  • Eclectic Vibes - November 2009

    by Andrew Frey

    Pretty Lights

    Pretty Lights

    I’m still pretty hyped after seeing Pretty Lights at the Majestic Theater in Madison on 10/24. They were in town for a stop in support of their newest, “Passing By Behind Your Eyes” which was self released on Oct 6.

    The show was totally sold out; the crowd young and well lit. Costumes and light sticks adorned a fair amount of attendees. The throngs amassed after the first band, “Dark Party” had culminated their solid duo DJ stage set and the main act prepared their entrance.

    Captivating from the instant they hit the stage, DJ Derek Vincent Smith and drummer Cory Eberhard held court to a rapt conflux of rhythm connoisseurs. Groove monsters like none other, they have hit pay dirt by spinning slightly slower deep and gripping techno grooves conjoined with classic throwback soul and funk snippets that is an irresistible temptation to the mind and body.

    Concurrently providing a cosmic light show with their rhythmic entrainments, Pretty Lights took the audience on a stellar journey through a multitude of entrancing visual voyages. Their steamy sweat soaked set continued for about 2 hours of nonstop wild dancing and body gyrations culminating with their hit song, “Sunday School.” Bravo!

    Download all the music for FREE at their website and you will see why the lights are so pretty too.

    On Friday 10/23 at the Annex in Madison, the vocal super hero known as Heatbox made a stop on his current “System” tour. We’ve seen him perform many times both indoors and out, but the compositions that he recreates nightly through a series of vocal oversamplings are always energizing and entertaining to behold. Outside of working his way through the standard ear candy from both his current release and prior “Entertainment” album, he showed off some welcome additions to his set including the highly recognizable “Riders on the Storm.” Also of note, a newly added freestyle section where he invites any freestylers in the crowd to join him on stage and let it flow. The dancing and creative activities continued throughout the nonstop set that rocked right up to bar time.


    On an otherwise drab Thursday (the 8th of October) we took a chance on Koo Koo Kanga Roo, a crazy hip hop duo from the Twin Cities. They performed in the cozy confines of The Frequency in Madison and it was the perfect space for them. It’s easy to learn the words to their songs because every song they sing is a sing-a-long. Audience participation is pretty much mandatory because the two that are the KOO will drag you along with them, literally if need be. Their beats are purposely simple and sometimes silly but their enthusiasm and humorous lyrics overpower all in their path. This zany twosome aims at transforming the basic blaze’ concert experience into an interactive fun zone. Download their ditties at their site to see what all the talk is about.

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 - Lethargic to 10 - Energized

    Electric Six - Kill

    Electric Six - Kill

    Electric Six

    Album title: Kill
    Record Label: Metropolis Records
    Rating: 9

    Another fun frolic into musical flamboyancy from these Detroit veterans of kitsch-n-roll. Brashly and boldly re-spinning their old disco punk methodology into a wisened vision of musical maturity results in Electric Six kicking ass again and again!

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    Genitorturers - Blackheart Revolution

    Genitorturers - Blackheart Revolution


    Album title: Blackheart Revolution
    Record Label: Retribution Music
    Rating: 8

    If Wendy O Williams sang for White Zombie you would have an inclination of the inspirational avenues pursued by this self proclaimed train wreck of decadence and debauchery. Once again tempting the tainted with their strong and groovy anthemic industrial metal that’s slicked, sticky and jazzed for success. Let’s go cum junkies!

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    Little Fyodor - Peace Is Boring

    Little Fyodor - Peace Is Boring

    Little Fyodor

    Album title: Peace Is Boring
    Record Label: Public Eyesore Records
    Rating: 9

    Claiming Denver as home this juggernaut of insanity has ranted and raved about his decidedly disenfranchised reality since at least 1981. Now, with fellow soothe sayer Babushka they explore 14 newly twisted avenues of totally snapped psycho punk rock including a couple revisioned classics. A mental calliope of grandeur and disillusionment for the children of the Subgenius.

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    Underworld Vs. The Misterons - Athens

    Underworld Vs. The Misterons - Athens

    Underworld Vs. The Misterons

    Album title: Athens
    Record Label: !K7 Records
    Rating: 9

    A curious confusion of a compilation album with an experiment jazz mood crescendo. From Mahavishnu Orchestra to Roxy Music to Squarepusher, these trax range from danceable funk to trancing jazz and beyond. Underworld is back.

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