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Eclectic Vibes - December 2009

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey

Sell A Band Dot Com
Everyone knows that the music industry is in major turmoil. The lesson of marketing and managing the outcome of your band has never been more important. Sell A Band dot com is here to give bands an interesting alternative to signing away their musical souls to corporate leeches. Most of these bands are unknowns from all parts of the globe hoping to catch a break and get the support they need, but others are faces from the past. In fact, the current top band is Public Enemy. They have raised the most at the moment but are also seeking the most ($250K).  Members to this site are dubbed “believers” and can then pledge $ to a band by purchasing “parts” in their band of choice. Potential perks for investing in your fave group include free downloads, CDs, and revenue sharing. I was made aware of the site through one of its hard working success story bands called Lunic.

By successfully meeting their goal the band, headed by singer songwriter Kaitee Page, has been able to bring their newest, “Love Thief” into reality. Their style of easily accessible female fronted poppy rock with violin struck a chord with enough people (and their $) that they have been able to take another step on their musical success journey. Bravo!

I see this as a valuable site for musicians because it forces upcoming artists to work through many of the details that they may not have thought of when planning their trek to success and mega selling albums. Plus it gives fans the power to directly support an artist. Based out of Amsterdam and currently boasting over 3000 artists plus an impressive track record of having more than $2.5 million invested into past and current projects the future of your band could be bright on Sell A Band dot com



MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 - Incomprehensible thru 10 - Total Clarity
Chinese Stars - Heaven On Speed Dial

The Chinese Stars

Heaven On Speed Dial
Record Label: Anchor Brain Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 9

Dissonant lubrications disjoint and realign at the sadistic whim of these overlords of musical funk-dissonance. Join this scramble for stability amidst the charming yet volatile excursions into dangerous anti-pop melodies grinning with smart ass punk taunting vocals.

EOTO - Fire The Lazers!


Fire The Lazers!
Record Label: Sci Fidelity Recordings
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 10

Immediately engulfing the listener in a womb of intensely perplexing otherworldly sounds “Fire The Lazers!” drinks from a dazzling selection of galaxy shaking electronic riffs and drum kit dips. The robust bass spectrum sounds rub and tickle your ears and body with a special nonchalant fervor. Michael Travis and Jason Hann (both String Cheese Incident alumnist’s) have birthed another quirky recorded masterpiece while maintaining their improvisational live performances.

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Fall Of Troy - In The Unlikely Event

The Fall Of Troy

In The Unlikely Event
Record Label: Equal Vision Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 9

An unpredictable subterfuge of punk, jazz, noise and progressive rock that has resulted in a surprisingly fresh and interesting offering. The emotional and edgy vocals are mixed only slightly with screemo. This highly charged trio from Mulkilteo, WA is ready to rocket to success.

Heavy Trash - Midnight Soul Serenade

Heavy Trash

Midnight Soul Serenade
Record Label: Big Legal Mess Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 8

Surfing through clever escapades into bluesy vintage rock as well as smirking garage punk sojourns. These creative juices again stratified by musical comrades Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray reek of dark mirth and flavorful kitsch.

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert

For Your Entertainment
Record Label: Octjay Records
Review published: January 2010
Rating: 10

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing singers and performers to burst upon the musical scene in a long time, Adam rocked the boat and keeps it rocking. Utilizing, but not smothered by industry greats, we are given a great spectrum of Adam’s styles ranging from banging dance to soundtrack to ballads

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Leaves' Eyes - Njord

Leaves' Eyes

Record Label: Napalm Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 7

Regal and fully manifested gothic operatic metal. The ever entrancing Liv Kristine along with her brethren from the mighty band Atrocity has crafted another musical feast of myth and legend from the Norse land. Orchestrating a new level of fantasy and delight.

Ziggy Marley - Family Time

Ziggy Marley

Family Time
Record Label: Tuff Gong Worldwide
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 10

Bob’s eldest son switches gears and focuses his good grooving reggae melodies towards the youngsters. Friend and family guests here include Rita Marley, Paul Simon, Willy Nelson, Jack Johnson and more!  Did you see him singing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Cathy-Anne McClintock - Cathy-Anne McClintock

Cathy-Anne McClintock

Cathy-Anne McClintock
Record Label: 37 Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 8

Tumbling past her tenure in country band Tumbleweed, this singer songwriter enlists Tim O’Brien to enrapture a more folksy element of the modern country spectrum with her charm. Not my usual territory, but something caught my eye.

Passafire - Everyone On Everynight


Everyone On Everynight
Record Label: Law Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 10

A refreshingly colorful approach to utilizing the reggae vibe and riffs while expanding the overall flavor with jam, funk, prog and hard rock. Hooks that slide into your mind and sincere lyrics that pacify or antagonize as needed.

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Slavic Soul Party - Taketron

Slavic Soul Party

Record Label: Barbes Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 9

Meet the horny side of New York’s Balkan musical revolution which also includes Gogol Bordello and Balkan Beat Box. Brandishing a barrage of briskly driven Balkan rhythms the songs are funneled through their impressive 9 piece horn section formulating highly danceable jazz, funk and folk exercises.

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Suit Of Lights - Bacteria

Suit Of Lights

Record Label: Visiting Hours Music
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 1

I don’t get this. Good quality (well paid?) musicians (including Trevor Dunn) playing the most flaccid, poorly produced alt-pop crap you can imagine. As a bonus, the album cover is forgettable, blaze and unreadable. Wow does this suck!

Charles Walker Band - Used And Defiant

The Charles Walker Band

Used And Defiant
Record Label: Ehlona Records
Review published: December 2009
Rating: 10

Tight, classy kick ass blues from Milwaukee, WI. Deep grooving, high energy music propelled by the charismatic vocals of Miss Shanna Jackson and expertly supported by 4 seasoned career musicians including songwriter and bandleader Charles Walker himself. Music to season your soul with.

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