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Eclectic Vibes - April 2010

CD/DVD Micro Reviews by Andrew Frey

Pretty Lights

Are you ready for another light stick jamboree? I sure am! Some of the best shows I saw in 2009 were put on by the electronic duo known as Pretty Lights and I expect 2010 to be another glorious body waving experience. The tasty retro tidbit samples flowing over contemporary techno treats is an enthralling occurrence and not to be missed. Don’t forget, you can download ALL the Pretty Lights music FREE (with optional donation) at Hope you got your tickets early cause the show is already SOLD OUT! Barrymore Theatre Sat 4/10 and

FINALLY! This illustrious ensemble of progressive dark experimental musicians at last swings through our area and makes a first ever Madison appearance. SGM has been painting the night with their theatrics since 1999 with their genre romping specialties and we are so delighted they are out and about again. 4/16 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN; 4/17 UW Madison; 4/18 Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL.

MICRO REVIEWS: This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 – Miserable to 10 - Euphoric
Adam Green - Musik For A Play

Adam Green

Musik For A Play
Record Label: Contraphonic
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 8

“Musik For A Play” Curious, quick and quirky compositions with the natural ambience and dynamics of a soundtrack. Guitar and piano driven melodies wind the loops of pensive introspection to effervesce into flowers of simplistic independence and flourish.

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Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune

Jimi Hendrix

Valleys Of Neptune
Record Label: Sony Legacy
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 8

Hendrix is an undeniable legend, but this release is just a side note to his legacy. The few actual newly reconstructed songs are mixed with alternate versions of prior released songs. Although it sounds great and it is a great talking point, I am left only partially satisfied while thinking this was mostly for the moola, not the art.

Lokesh - Utopia


Record Label: Moonrise Records
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 9

A bright minded DJ born in New Delhi but residing in San Fransisco. If you are compelled to visit mystical realms of pleasantly enveloping world spanning ethno electronica, then this would be a fascinating and fantastic place to start.

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Juan Maclean - DJ Kicks

Juan Maclean

DJ Kicks
Record Label: !k7
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 9

Highly danceable house music culled from the global panorama of beat friendly options mixed live on two turntables and stratified by one of today’s more relevant electronic aficionados. The constantly motivating bass and conscientious samples further enhance the package.

Mind.In.A.Box - Retro


Record Label: Metropolis Records
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 7

Featured here are 11 crafty conjurations utilizing Commodore 64 sounds and themes that are reflected, magnified and re-inspired through current dark synthpop style electronica. This targeted computer music time capsule will thrill those with Commodore 64 memories while mystifying or enlightening those who don’t.

Next Stop... Soweto - Township Sounds From the Golden Age of Mbaqanga

Next Stop... Soweto

Township Sounds From the Golden Age of Mbaqanga
Record Label: Strut Records
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 8

20 unreleased tracks of rare and obscure 60s-70s compositions from South Africa producing a brief historical overview of the infectious rhythms and jazz inspired beats that were energizing the townships at the time. The wonderful variety of vocals and local styles on this first of 3 volumes make this a winner in any era.

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Mike Patton - Mondo Cane

Mike Patton

Mondo Cane
Record Label: Ipecac Recordings
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 10

Continuing to push limits, this incredible vocalist who has fronted numerous bands (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, etc) and co-started the Ipecac Record label, finds himself embedded in the midst of an impressive 20 piece orchestra plying his oral delights in Italian. Experimental yet fun, upbeat, cohesive and quite listenable.

Prizzy Prizzy Please - Chroma Cannon

Prizzy Prizzy Please

Chroma Cannon
Record Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 7

Edgy caterwauling punk n roll concoctions from Chicago enhanced with saxophone, grit, humor, and consternation. The raucous and raspy vocals fuel the brimstone and forthright intensity blasted through their song melodies and overall presentation.

Rare Blend - Sessions

Rare Blend

Record Label: Tough Steam Music
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 7

An instrumental triple threat showing off multiple aspects of their musical prowess and personality via tracks from stage, studio and film. Having already maintained for 15 years, this progressive jazz/jam/fusion group here highlights a solid panorama of their capabilities and strengths.

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Sora - Heartwood


Record Label: Corvid Media
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 8

Soothing and refreshing Celtic music spearheaded by this traditionally styled vocalist. Her voice twinkles with delicate splashes of vibrato amidst the lushly melodic atmospheres that bloom from the emotional tales told as the panorama of instruments unfolds.

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Testament - Formation of Damnation


Formation of Damnation
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Review published: April 2010
Rating: 8

Abiding by their time honored thrash metal traditions, this legendary Bay Area group blasts your brain with another healthy dose of neck wrecking classics. Originally released in 2008, now reborn and re-released as a deluxe package including a second 4 song DVD disc.

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