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  • Eclectic Vibes - November 2010

    by Andrew Frey

    Michael Franti

    Michael Franti

    Long time thrash hero’s Kurt Brecht and Spike Cassidy will be in town crankin’ it up at the High Noon Saloon on November 20. Hard to believe that D.R.I. has been together for over 23 years now! Who knows what the night will bring?

    In the past I’ve had my ups and downs with Mr. Franti’s performances, but on the eve of 10/10/10 I gambled again on a magical musical experience. Part of the gamble was the fact that the event was occurring at the much discussed Overture Center right in the heart of Madison. Desire overcame anxiety and we persevered. Thankfully, we got there early enough to get onto the floor for this general admission event so we were able to be out on the dance floor and be fully submerged into the vibe of the evening.

    The opening band was a fairly good group, but we hadn’t made this trek for them.

    After a LONG set break, Michael Franti and Spearhead stormed the stage, initially issuing forth several tracks from their newest, ‘The Sound of Sunshine.’ He played his ‘Hello, Bonjour’ song at double time and regrooved a couple of other favorites as well including ‘Everybody Needs Music.’ We hadn’t heard his newest CD prior to that evening and this certainly propelled our sense of wonder and awe while driving home the power of each of the songs.

    I’m not sure if the event sold out but it had to be fairly close. The range of ages and types of people that came out to see the show was broad and strikingly diverse. On this particular evening, all systems were go. Spearhead’s performance overall was fantastic while Franti himself was firmly in the stellar category. I have never seen a performer initiate more crowd interactivity and crowd participation. During his performance, he walked up and down both aisles, up to the balcony as well as through the crowd dancing up by the stage! Plus he came out after the show to sign autographs and meet fans. Wow. 

    The energy levels for the show were simply off the charts and we all left the show glowing from such an enlightening and positive experienced. I have seen thousands of shows over the years but this one carved out a slot in my top 10 best ever. Blissfully amazing.

    Canada’s power jam trio, The New Deal, blew threw Madison with another dose of their funky jam jazz rock extravaganza on 10/14/10. We go there early because I had no idea what to expect from the crowd levels for the evening. Last time they came through it was a nearly sold out performance As it turns out though, on this night the crowds began thin and ended up medium. We arrived in time to see all three bands on the bill, but the one that made the greatest impact was local jam rock band “Steez.” We’ve seen them several times before, so we were familiar with their songs, but they had a particularly great set this evening. Their solos were great and their energy of their jams utterly sublime.

    The New Deal took the stage with a very timid stance. Sparse lighting for the first few songs got the crowd warmed up, but failed to bang the crowd into action. After the few initial songs, they started fancying up their set with a mildly entertaining light show and pumping out some deeper grooves. The crowd was interested but certainly not peaked yet. They played two sets and certainly blasted more action, but we unfortunately only were able to stay through the first one, so we got a good feel for the band, but didn’t get a chance to see them really cut loose in their second set. Maybe next time…

    TheNewDeal.com, myspace.com/steezburgers

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Brain Dead to 10 is Spine Tingling

    Copal - Into The Shadow Garden

    Copal - Into The Shadow Garden


    Album title: Into The Shadow Garden
    Record Label: Self Released
    Rating: 8

    Winding flowing violin and cello are strung into a steam punk fantasy of exotic interwoven Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Nordic nuances while propelled by subtle percussion. Artistically beautiful yet darkly tantalizing, serene and sedate they manage to evoke a contemporary spectacle through romanticized passages from a global past.

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    Copal online:

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    Huun Huur Tu - Ancestors Call

    Huun Huur Tu - Ancestors Call

    Huun Huur Tu

    Album title: Ancestors Call
    Record Label: World Village
    Rating: 8

    The 4 man Tuvan supergroup has rounded up another herd of musical exports filled with their amazing throat singing whistles, warbles, drones, hums, groans, and other quirks. Mesmerizing traditional shepherd songs are contemporized and cultivated but manage to retain their distinct cultural colors and vibrancy.

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    Huun Huur Tu online:

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    Robert Massaro - Natural Magic

    Robert Massaro - Natural Magic

    Robert Massaro

    Album title: Natural Magic
    Record Label: Lightning Child
    Rating: 7

    The musical magic displayed here taunts the riddles of nature, and it’s forces through abstract classical compositions in an effort to teach us about ecology and potential self preservation. Mysterious and beautiful, while haunting and perplexing, these experiments delve into a variety of world and etheric patterns, benefitting from the companion video.

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    Robert Massaro online:

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    One Man Collective - Soul Product

    One Man Collective - Soul Product

    One Man Collective

    Album title: Soul Product
    Record Label:
    Rating: 7

    OMC is the brainchild of Johan Sandqvist. Born in Sweden, but transplanted to LA, he brings us an EP of bubbly dreamy soundscapes flowing with cascades of electronic mysteries and marvels.

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    One Man Collective online:

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    Scythia - ….Of War

    Scythia - ….Of War


    Album title: ….Of War
    Record Label: Scythia
    Rating: 9

    Do you like your metal folky? How about with a dash of violin or keyboards? Maybe some gothic overtones? This adventurous and progressive Canadian outfit enjoys galloping metal grooves along side classically constructed folk passages to arrive at a well sculpted destination. The songs are all available at their site on a ‘“pay what you want”’ basis, so everybody wins.

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    Scythia online:

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    Systema Solar - System Solar

    Systema Solar - System Solar

    Systema Solar

    Album title: System Solar
    Record Label: Chusma Records
    Rating: 9

    These guys throw down when they party in Columbia. Colliding a countless number of influences, ranging from scratch and hip hop, to dance, to spacey electronica with Afro-Columbian and Latin traditions, makes for an album full of surprises and rhythmic diversity. Taking time to be visually colorful and striking is part of their charm. Live, they present a powerful well rounded and innovative experience. (9)

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    Systema Solar online:

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    Titan - Sweet Dreams

    Titan - Sweet Dreams


    Album title: Sweet Dreams
    Record Label: Relapse Records
    Rating: 8

    Keyboards unabashedly take the forefront of this psychedelic prog-metal experience. Expanses of whirling grooves hook the listener with a demanding intensity that is unfurled with each breathtaking riff and blast.

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    Titan online:

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    Various Artists - Putumayo Presents World Christmas Party

    Various Artists - Putumayo Presents World Christmas Party

    Various Artists

    Album title: Putumayo Presents World Christmas Party
    Record Label: Putumayo World Music
    Rating: 8

    Here’s a no-brainer. Twelve light hearted Christmas songs done with a global slant, giving you a chance to hear some seasonal music without it being the same old holiday musical drivel you have heard nearly a billion times. From Jamaica to Cape Verde, they wish you a Merry Christmas.

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    Various Artists online:

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    Hindi Zahra - Handmade

    Hindi Zahra - Handmade

    Hindi Zahra

    Album title: Handmade
    Record Label: Blue Note
    Rating: 9

    Bursting with musical expression, this Moroccan born, Paris based artist is a whirlwind of talent and creativity. Gently, yet effortlessly floating along jazzy avenues filled with Arabic sounds that are a juxtaposition of rhythmic flavors from East and West, she brandishes her vocal wit with each soulful guitar stroke.

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    Hindi Zahra online:

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