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  • Eclectic Vibes - December 2012

    by Andrew Frey

    Math Games

    Math Games

    12/21/12 – It’s The Final Countdown
    Are you ready for the end of the world as we know it? Or do you have a different view of what will happen? Regardless, the date of so much conjecture, discussion, and anticipation is upon us. Remember that if you escape the 3rd dimension, time doesn’t behave the same, so accept it and be prepared for the experiences, whatever may come. WOO HOO! See you on the other side?

    Math Games at Alchemy
    I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t planning on going to see Math Games, world-renowned guitar virtuoso, Professor Fareed Haque’s newest band, (fareed.com/mathgames) but when I drove past the Alchemy Cafe (www.alchemycafe.net) in Madison after a roasting round of karaoke at the Ohio Tavern and a parking spot was opened right in front, I had to stop.
    Now, this was an amazing fluke: a world-class musician playing for free at one of Madison’s near-east jewels. Amazing. Although the Alchemy’s stage is nothing fancy - a comfy, slightly raised square with a window on the street - the talent was cosmic. These musicians knew how to lay it down, and the evening’s audience enjoyed a well-rehearsed, well-planned performance from some top-notch musicians playing, as Haque calls it, “jazztronica.”
    In addition to enjoying world class musicians for free, I took a moment and enjoyed one of Alchemy’s stellar menu options. The Roasted Vegetable Coconut Curry, which was creamy and delicious, boasted yummy floating flecks of cilantro and a robust curry sauce that I will definitely be back for.
    A fulfilling night with a great band and a full tummy!

    Zappa Plays Zappa is coming to Madison on 12/8 at the Barrymore Theater and I couldn’t be happier. I am a huge Zappa fan and somehow I haven’t managed to see Zappa Plays Zappa yet, but this time around is a go! For the uninformed, Zappa Plays Zappa is Dweezil Zappa playing selections of his father Frank’s immense catalog of brilliant compositions. Certainly not something to be missed! See you there… (www.zappa.com)

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Ditch and 10 is Dank

    Grimblee - Mutilate

    Grimblee - Mutilate


    Album title: Mutilate
    Record Label: self
    Rating: 9

    Too often, dubstep is bogged down with conflicting interests, crossed genres or some other confluence of inefficiencies, but not here. Grimblee (Gilbert Splett) serves up straightforward kick-ass whompin’ electronica from Salt Lake City that is guaranteed to pique your eardrums.

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    Grimblee online:

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    Lionize - Superczar and the Vulture

    Lionize - Superczar and the Vulture


    Album title: Superczar and the Vulture
    Record Label: Pentimento Music Company
    Rating: 9

    Great grooves! Very successfully weaving together reggae elements with over-the-top 70s groove-rock, this DC quartet really has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. “It’s definitely the most complete, distinct Lionize record so far,” notes bassist Henry Upton, who established the group in 2004. So there ya go.

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    Lionize online:

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    Saffron - Dawning

    Saffron - Dawning


    Album title: Dawning
    Record Label: Palmetto Records
    Rating: 8

    Kindred spirits finding common ground in the poet Rumi, these veteran musicians fuse contemporary sensibilities with classical Indian and Western jazz influences to create music that is as delicate and richly nuanced as the spice.

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    Saffron online:

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    Therion - Les Fleurs Du Mal

    Therion - Les Fleurs Du Mal


    Album title: Les Fleurs Du Mal
    Record Label: End Of The Light
    Rating: 10

    Over-the-top orchestral metal has never sounded so good! Formed in the late 80s as a death metal band, this Swedish outfit has survived a bevy of member changes to produce this opus of intense and well-executed orchestral metal of the highest order, and once again redefining the genre. Bravo!

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    Therion online:

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