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  • Eclectic Vibes - April 2013

    by Andrew Frey

    that 1 guy

    that 1 guy

    Hello, Spring Time!

    Now that the glowing orb in the sky has finally decided to make regular appearances in our land, cabin fever is quickly giving way to festival fever. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to resurrect my festival gear and head to the WORT Block Party on 5/19 (www.wortfm.org), Festi di Bella Mente on 5/23-26 at Harmony Park (bellamente.bellamusicfest.com), and Marquette Waterfront Festival on 6/8-9 (www.marquette-neighborhood.org) to name a few. And why not throw out a general Happy Beltane, too, while I’m at it!

    THAT 1 GUY: Now With Added Illusions
    That 1 Guy is fired up and ready for 2013. According to his website, he has been working hard on adding illusions to his already magical and unique act. So much so, that he’s offering a special VIP package at his shows that is bundled with a bunch of swag and garners entry to an intimate (5-10 people, max) show that elucidates his newfound antics. I’ve found that it’s always worth the time to take a break from your busy day and spend a moment with the Magic Pipe and That 1 Guy. And look how easy it would be to hit all these dates! 4/7 at Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee, 4/8 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI and 4/9 at The Warehouse in Lacrosse, WI. (that1guy.com)

    Music as Medicine
    Nahko was destined to bear the scars of cultural wounds. Born a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cultures and adopted into an American family in Oregon, he suffered an identity crisis from an early age. Finding solace in the piano starting at age six, his musical introspection has borne redemptive qualities into his compositions. Heartfelt lyrics speak of environmental wrongs and social injustices, but find a beautiful and loving perspective in the end, both for himself as well as those around him. Find out if this is the medicine that will soothe your soul when Nahko and his following troubadours, Medicine for the People, play the Majestic Theater in Madison on 4/26. (nahko.com)

    Sound Tribe
    The ever-amazing STS9 hits Madison and Minneapolis on part of their month-long coast to coast tour, their first in over two years. This, in preparation for a big festival headlining summer season. Ever-dynamic and evolving, they have redefined themselves numerous times and still always show off a refreshing sense of awareness and musical comprehensibility. Start at First Avenue in Minneapolis on 4/11 and continue at the Orpheum Theater in Madison on 4/12. (sts9.com)

    Boney To The Core
    Taking full advantage of the energies culminating on 11/11/11, Boney Fingers had the foresight to record their performance from that day at the Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee and have released a live DVD and CD by the same name for all to hear. Their grateful rhythms and years of dedication are epitomized with this landmark release. (www.boneyfingers.com)

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Ambivalence and 10 is Love

    Clutch - Earth Rocker

    Clutch - Earth Rocker


    Album title: Earth Rocker
    Record Label: Weathermaker Music
    Rating: 10

    Ten albums in, and they are still hot as fuck! Self-admittedly wrought with more forethought, focus, and polish than some of their prior releases, Earth Rocker will knock your socks off. Their hard-rockin’ antics and usual sardonic lyrics have never sounded better.

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    Clutch online:

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    John Brown's Body - Kings and Queens

    John Brown's Body - Kings and Queens

    John Brown's Body

    Album title: Kings and Queens
    Record Label: Easy Star Records
    Rating: 8

    Trailblazing in the US reggae scene since their formation in the mid 1990s, this highly-acclaimed and highly-polished group continues to push the scene to new levels. This release features 12 songs by lead singer Elliot Martin that are sure to get the masses grooving from sea to shining sea. 

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    John Brown's Body online:

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    Suicidal Tendencies - Thirteen (13)

    Suicidal Tendencies - Thirteen (13)

    Suicidal Tendencies

    Album title: Thirteen (13)
    Record Label: Suicidal Records
    Rating: 8

    Wow! Mike Muir is still making music! After a 13 year haitus, ST comes back with a heavy-hitting album filled with what they are known for: blistering. thrashing punk with some great funky interludes filled with the irascible wit and wisdom of Mike Muir. 

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    Suicidal Tendencies online:

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    Zozobra - Savage Masters

    Zozobra - Savage Masters


    Album title: Savage Masters
    Record Label: Brutal Panda Records
    Rating: 8

    Boldly embracing their doom-metal roots while finding friction in harsh downtuned sludge-metal quandaries, this Boston trio has scorched a new, dark-magical path of angst and intrigue for all to find solace in or scurry from. 

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    Zozobra online:

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