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  • Eclectic Vibes - December 2013

    by Andrew Frey

    In hell, they will play X-mas carols. Are you in hell now?

    Dead Man Carnivalling
    Milwaukee’s own Dead Man’s Carnival brings their provocative exuberance to a special post X-mas pre NYE appearance at the Majestic Theatre in Madison on 12/27. Their Vaudevillian acts designed for the modern age may include, but not be limited to: juggling, striptease, fire performance, aerial gymnastics, human oddities and obscure sideshow feats. All this accompanied by a group of musicians playing what they term, “American Roots Music”. What more could you want? www.deadmanscarnival.com

    Antiquely Beaten
    In the post Halloween scramble, a totally sold-out performance from Beats Antique was just the antidote to the craze (although there were many Steampunkers in glorious garb). Beats brought their unique blend of theatrics, electronics, and multi-ethnic compositions to the Majestic on 11/2. I may not have danced my ass off (yet did dance, some) but theirs was the coolest stage show I’ve been privy to in a very long time. The new album, A Thousand Faces - Act 1, (which follows every stage of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey) is a wonderfully diverse and rhythmically multifaceted masterpiece! Thanks to the projection mapping videos, and incredible dance theatrics by Zoe Jakes, we journeyed with them to distance lands as well as nearby dimensions, yet never over-dwelled anywhere. At one point, thanks in part to Les Claypool, we even went to hell and learned about Beelzebub. Their encores were composed of their earlier classic stuff, which really got the crowd moving. I can’t wait to see them headlining festivals across the planet this summer! www.beatsantique.com

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Conflict 10 is Resolution

    Aligning Minds - My Heart is Remixed

    Aligning Minds - My Heart is Remixed

    Aligning Minds

    Album title: My Heart is Remixed
    Record Label: Gravitas Recordings
    Rating: 9

    What do you do when you have one of the most downloaded infectious etheric glitchy breakbeat releases of 2013 for your record label? A remix album of course! This opportunity to show off the talents of others offers remix contest winners as well as the revisioned compositions from like-minded producers all for a Name Your Price download. Most of the proceeds will be donated to the green non-profit, Critical Beats, to further the link between electronic music and important causes. 

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    Aligning Minds online:

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    EarthCry - Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ? Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself

    EarthCry - Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ? Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself


    Album title: Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ? Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself
    Record Label: EarthCry
    Rating: 10

    In an effort to expose younger people to the ancient solfeggio scale (particular frequencies known to aid the human condition) Asheville-based producer Anthony Thogmartin (who is also a motivating force in Papadosio) has taken these mysterious tones and meticulously paired them with electronic tempos and rhythms to create 6 corresponding tracks. Beautiful and blissful but with a beat.

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    EarthCry online:

    Download Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ? Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself

    EarthRise Sound System - Rock Beats Paper

    EarthRise Sound System - Rock Beats Paper

    EarthRise Sound System

    Album title: Rock Beats Paper
    Record Label: Yoga Organix Records
    Rating: 9

    When the prolific duo DJ/writer/yogi Derek Beres and producer/percussionist Duke Mushroom had their debut reach #5 on the iTunes World charts, they chose to up the ante of their follow-up by melding an impressive myriad of guest vocalists and musicians into their lineup. This, in turn, integrated influences ranging from India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, and beyond. Thematically, this album recalls the classic kids’ game and brings to light the consequences of choosing money (paper) over the planet (rock).

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    EarthRise Sound System online:

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    Signal Path - Habitats

    Signal Path - Habitats

    Signal Path

    Album title: Habitats
    Record Label: Velcro City Records
    Rating: 9

    Migrating to Denver from their mountain enclave in Missoula, MT, this genre-surfing, mostly instrumental, jamtronica group has been making waves in the local scene ever since. Now 12 albums in, their flowing instrumentation with funky flavors and sassy sampling has never sounded better. Another excellent Name Your Price Download.

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    Signal Path online:

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