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  • Eclectic Vibes - April 2015

    by Andrew Frey

    The Main Squeeze from Minneapolis

    The Main Squeeze from Minneapolis

    Can you feel it? I can FEEL it! Get with it, get on it, get INTO IT!

    Bubbling with soulful funk amid rock and jammy elements, The Main Squeeze infects your ears with a tantalizing musical concoction. The silky smooth voice of vocalist Corey Frye sets the stage for this five-piece from Bloomington, IN to unfurl their intricate jams with tight grooves and solid beats on audiences night after night. Become one of the “Freshly Squozen” on 4/16 at The Majestic Theater in Madison and on 5/22-24 at the Revival Festival at Harmony Park in Minnesota (www.harmony-revival.com) www.mainsqueezemusic.com

    They Might Be Giants have had quite a career. From their early years (starting way back in 1982) as an eclectic alternative pop duo to their ventures into kiddie land and back, they have leveraged their talent over and over again. Whether you bless them or curse them for penning the infectious Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hot Dog” theme song along with hundreds of others, their cultural impact is undeniable. They will probably be selling out their ages 14 and up show at the Barrymore Theater in Madison on 4/19, so make sure you and your kids get tix ASAP! www.theymightbegiants.com

    Peelander Yellow is an alien from the planet Peelander who came to earth to make humans smile with limbo dancing in crazy outfits before eating the smile of everyone in the audience while playing punk rock, or so claims the leader of the notorious Japanese Action Comic Punk Band based in NYC. Originally formed in 1998, the Peelander-Z crew has amazed audiences near and far with their Power Ranger-like outfits (which they claim is their skin) and bracing punk n roll. Get ready for their infamous audience participation experiences with The Red Squid and human bowling amid their all around insanity on 4/30 at The Inferno in Madison, WI. peelander-z.com

    This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Vexing 10 is Mollifying

    Desert Dwellers - Great Mystery

    Desert Dwellers - Great Mystery

    Desert Dwellers

    Album title: Great Mystery
    Record Label: Desert Trax/Black Swan
    Rating: 10

    Such a beautiful blending of the etheric and the electronic. This busy duo has traveled the world learning about the great mystery, only to gift their knowledge to listeners amid their downtempo dubtronica. Blissful beams of gratitude glide their music to new frontiers and even greater mysteries.

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    Dub Kirtan All Stars - Bhakti Juggernaut

    Dub Kirtan All Stars - Bhakti Juggernaut

    Dub Kirtan All Stars

    Album title: Bhakti Juggernaut
    Record Label: self
    Rating: 9

    What began as a one off performance instigated by David Starfire and FreQ Nasty (Darin McFadyen) in a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles has taken flight and blossomed into this full on Bhakti Juggernaut! Melding sacred Sanskrit chants and mantras into drum n bass electronica sprinkled with conscious hip hop lyrics and a host of guest musicians sets the stage for this inspirational uprising of the highest order. Be blessed!

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    Pimps of Joytime - Jukestone Paradise

    Pimps of Joytime - Jukestone Paradise

    Pimps of Joytime

    Album title: Jukestone Paradise
    Record Label: Write Home Records
    Rating: 9

    These pimps they are a jammin! Their funky gyrational beats come in a variety of flavors and mixers including bluesy retro and vintage to horn filled soul. Since 2006 they have been storming dance floors across the US with their sonic funk tapestry and Jukestone Paradise is the fuel to propel them even further and harder thanks to electronic back beats and a new palette of anthems!

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