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by Andrew Frey

Reviews From: Year 2016
Tikki Masala  - Jīvasūvarī

Tikki Masala - Jīvasūvarī

Tikki Masala
Label: Masala Records

Much like the deep flavors exhibited by the sauce that inspired the band name, this psychedelic candescence of hypnotic ethnic electronica is infused with classical Indian instruments including Sitar, Tabla, Santoor, Sarod, Flute, Tanpura, and Harmonium. Jīvasūvarī means to bring forth a living child in Sanskrit and this release which is activated by contemporary beat magic and underplayed by authentic Indian classical music is viewed as the birth card of the creators beautiful child. What a dish! (10)

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Yak Attack - The Radiant Kind

Yak Attack - The Radiant Kind

Yak Attack
The Radiant Kind
Label: Yak Attack

Livetronica trios that pump out handsomely fresh bumps, funk and jazzy downtempo flips and slips are one of my fave things. Fling yourself onto the dance floor when this Portland crew swings through your town and their motivational beats spring from the speakers and into your hearts.

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Evanescence - Synthesis

Evanescence - Synthesis

Label: BMG

Focusing on orchestra and electronica, Synthesis revamps and recomposes the groups top hits, plus 2 new songs, into a full symphonic experience. The amazing Amy Lee is the conductor and focal point of this touring extravaganza, playing piano and singing her heart and soul into this highly acclaimed and award winning music. A grandiose occurrence!
Appearing on 12/5 at Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI.

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Turkuaz - Life In The City

Turkuaz - Life In The City

Life In The City
Label: Electric Habitat Music

Expressive and fun, this nonet from Brooklyn will blow your socks off with their energy poppin’ horns, strong jams and catchy rhythms. Dripping with splashes of funk, rock, alternative and R&B this group brings momentous energy and presence to Life In The City as well as their live shows wherever they may be found. Find em nearby on 11/15 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI

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