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by Andrew Frey

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Wildlight - The Tide

Wildlight - The Tide

The Tide
Label: Jumpsuit Records

Few releases have the magic that is found within the delicate interplay between the combined efforts of Ayla Nereo and David Sugalski (The Polish Ambassador).  You will find your mind dancing effortlessly on the dreamy floating folky vocals of Nereo while Sugalski pushes polished downtempo beats into your consciousness. Simple yet breathtaking.

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Wookiefoot - You’re It

Wookiefoot - You’re It

You’re It
Label: Wookiefoot

These magical now age bards have just tagged you with a full spectrum barrage of musical medicine, hop scotching across genres with whimsy and delight. From reggae to bluegrass to jam to conscious hip hop to middle eastern melodies and the combination of all the above there is never a dull moment, especially when complimented by their ever uplifting, thought provoking and clever lyrics. I am excited to see these tribadellic warriors perform this landmark new material!

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The Werks - Inside A Dream

The Werks - Inside A Dream

The Werks
Inside A Dream
Label: The Werks

Psychedelic shredding flows into jamming dance rhythms before being hopping up with a slap bass flurry and ear bending harmony vocals on the newest (and greatest) release from The Werks. This Ohio based quartet harnesses their technical prowess in ways hereto before un-assembled, allowing them to deliver a blissful transformational swipe across the musical spectrum. The dream is alive and they are appearing LIVE 3/11 at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI and 3/12 at Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, WI.

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Astral Waves - Genesis

Astral Waves - Genesis

Astral Waves
Label: Altar Records

Astral Waves is DJ Zen (aka Gabriel D), creator of Altar Records, and one of the pioneers of the Canadian psytrance scene. Genesis is a carefully crafted psychill journey inspired by tribal drummming, world chants and nature itself, with an underlying goal of activating your inner Warrior of Light. Are you ready for your activation? Let’s begin.

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Wolf Tech - Weird World

Wolf Tech - Weird World

Wolf Tech
Weird World
Label: Shanti Planti

UK producer Wolf Tech (aka Tom Chant) embarks on a sonic adventure of great depth and magnitude. The psybass rhythms pulse and propel listeners to psychedelic worlds with cinematic vision, while melodic yet dynamic and driving dubstep delivers hi-tech trajectories into distant lands filled with spaced out ambiance and modern musical eruptions. Immerse yourself!

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Freekbass - All the way this. All the way that.

Freekbass - All the way this. All the way that.

All the way this. All the way that.
Label: Color Red

With his backing group, The Bump Assembly, Freekbass’ seventh full length album harnesses the funk forward Cincinnati sound and merges it with universal influences from the 70s through tomorrow. This gyrational groove goodness not only shows off the innovative styling of Freekbass including his signature double thumb strumming technique and driving rhythms, but gives him plenty of room to show off wild costumes and vigorous live show. (9)

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