Coffin Daggers

Album Title: Aggravatin’ Rhythms
Record Label: Cleopatra Records
Review by Sal Serio
(1905) Page Views

The Coffin Daggers - Aggravatin’ RhythmsThe Coffin Daggers - Aggravatin’ Rhythms

I present to you the most happening soundtrack to the hippest parties across the nation! Reverb drenched, punchy and energetic, fun and frantic, pure honey-dripping rock and roll in it’s most undiluted essence. Beach blanket surf music with ample nods to sci-fi and western movie-themes, and the dance crazes that made the 60s so gloriously swinging.

The Coffin Daggers sound is highlighted by band leader Vic Venom’s driving guitar rhythms and crisp in-your-face soloing, as well as Rob Morrison’s organ, which has that retro sound like it must be a Farfisa. This is the third full-length release from the New York based group, but their first for a label with major distribution capacities. The Coffin Daggers also have a handful of 7” single releases to their credit.

What’s really exciting about this music is it’s immediacy. The album was recorded live in one room, with a minimum of overdubs, onto a 16 track analog tape machine. That approach is evident in the cohesion and urgency of the performances, and the organic sound of the recorded document. Trust me! You want this CD to play at your next cocktail party or clam bake!

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