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  • Franky And The Band

    Album Title: Austin, Texas - The Rock Opera
    Record Label: Round Rock Records
    Review by Sal Serio
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    Franky And The Band - Austin, Texas - The Rock OperaFranky And The Band - Austin, Texas - The Rock Opera

    Every once in a while, a package crosses my desk which catches me off guard with it’s unique and captivating presentation. And, let’s face it… in this modern age, to experience something artistic and musical that arrives from a road less traveled, is a rare and welcome event.

    In this instance, the road leads to and from Austin, Texas, and the project is a concept album about Austin, paired with a companion novella based in Austin. The brainchild of this conceptual undertaking is guitarist, singer, songwriter, and arranger Fehmi Nuhoglu, known more commonly as “Franky”.

    Franky composed 13 songs to describe his love for both the music of Austin, and the community itself. As diverse as Austin is, it is no wonder that these songs run through a variety of stylings, including (but not limited to) blues, Tex Mex, hard rock, country, ballads, and dance.

    It’s evident that Franky sought to present the best possible performances for this project, even at the sacrifice of his own abilities. Musicians from across the USA lend their talents to these beautiful and inspirational compositions, with Franky himself only appearing on five tracks. Obviously ego was not a factor in the recording process!

    The accompanying 116 page novella, “A Love Like Texas Weather”, is a fictional love story occurring in and around the city of Austin, and includes a plot line that subtlety but effectively ties in with the sequence of the concept album. If I owned a 10-gallon Stetson hat, I would tip it to Franky And The Band, and whoop and holler in appreciation… and hopefully get ‘em back for an encore.

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