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CD Review
Beauty Pill - Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are

Beauty Pill

Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are
Record Label: Butterscotch Records
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Review by John Noyd
May 2015

Eleven years and several medical crises later, Beauty Pill’s multi-instrumentalist Chad Clark reunites the band including long-time musical associate Jean Cook to release a beautifully moody stew of socio-political pop-theater pitting wily survivor’s vengeance against cosmic lotteries clogged in pre-ordained change. A fractured masterpiece featuring chunky electro-dunked funk rifling through addled battle-ballads to Escher-blessed treasures, “Describe,” allies devious gizmo-rock heaving seizures of sublime genius between cock-eyed creeps seeping into ironic conga-lines and feral synth-pop sambas squirming in twisted riffs. Employing discarded collage representing fractured pasts, B.P.‘s steam-punk burlesque hurtles curious turns into woozy gloom birthing patchwork firsts while screwball overhauls square off in distorted orchestras and oblique peeks into strange games. Beauty Pill lands in Madison’s The Frequency June 21st along with Milwaukee spitfires Tigernite.

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