Guided By Voices

Album Title: Cool Planet
Record Label: Fire Records
Review by John Noyd
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Guided By Voices - Cool PlanetGuided By Voices - Cool Planet

Ohio’s GBV occupy the unique position of being outsiders working within a classical frame-work; their sixth effort since reuniting in 2010 and their second release of the year, “Cool Planet,” brings drummer Kevin March back into the fold, recording for the first time since reforming in a single proper studio. Doling out freaky T-Rex stomps, attention-getting Who-based romps and lyrical Fairport Convention inventions, Pollard and associates whole-heartedly embrace their cult status, producing a mind-numbing mish-mash of casual micro-masterpieces by happily crafting eccentric menace onto vibrant glam-rock and baroque psychedelic-folk. Juxtaposing finger-lickin’ riffs, over-cooked hooks and devoted psycho-solos, “Cool,” revels and rebels adding a valued addition to the ever-expanding canon of the gonzo-rocker’s prolific output. Catch them when they land at Madison’s Barrymore Theater June 20th

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