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  • Egypt Central

    Album Title: Egypt Central
    Record Label: East West
    Review by Kimberly E. McDaniel
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    Egypt Central - Egypt CentralEgypt Central - Egypt Central

    I had never heard of Egypt Central, but their self-titled debut is actually very easy on the ears and could find a happy home on modern rock radio stations.  There is something similar to Linkin Park about this band, as they rap a little and in truth, being radio-friendly can be as much a curse as a gift these days. 

    Opening tracks “Different,” “You Make Me Sick” and “Taking You Down” are probably the most interesting tracks and are likely to be heard on the radio. Their style is catchy modern rock which is well-played as well as being well-written. If they can get past the hard-rock stigma, they might be able to get somewhere.

    The problem that they need to overcome is that they aren’t particularly original sounding.  They remind me of several different bands, and sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it is not. If you like catchy, radio-friendly material, then Egypt Central is worth checking out.

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