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  • Englishman

    Album Title: Englishman
    Record Label: Cave City
    Review by John Noyd
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    Englishman - EnglishmanEnglishman - Englishman

    Warm, unassuming, golden-throated pop; former Scourge of the Sea Andrew English’s fractured fables turned poignant parables make playfully plaintive, happily galloping troubaor poetry. Washed in inquisitive innocence and plummeting conundrums, the cleverly cozy, “Englishman,” shines in simple pleasures; the trim, tranquil, just-right arrangements scuttle past the ear escorting delicious tidbits of mixed metaphors, inverted clichés and subtle internal rhyme as survivor’s tales of misfit romance unfold with regal modesty and rhythmic whimsy. Serpentine sentences sung carefully, at times hesitantly, reveal pliant, riddling lyrics wrapped around sweeping sweetness that sleepily creeps from child-like keyboards to folksy dulcimer and modified autoharp to swelling strings and classical brass. Refreshingly buoyant and quietly subversive, the Kentucky native plays Madison’s Rathskellar December 4th along with Jeremiah Nelson and Matt Duncan

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