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  • Haelos

    Album Title: Full Circle
    Record Label: Matador Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    Haelos - Full CircleHaelos - Full Circle

    Ravishing break-beat sass lavished in funky diamond grinds alternate between snake-charmer calm inclined towards dark carnal electro-soul and diva-shrieking sequences slipping into stormy trip-hop gospel. Assembling a massive sonic palette techno-geeking out with mood-enhancing slow-jams building into smoldering sideways-glance dance-grooves; the tantric London trio employ erotic electronics alongside three-part vocals roping consensual adventures into pulp fiction; fatalistic mystics tossing harmonic bon mots rinsed in cloudy synths, cobbled to clanging arrangements and polished in sleek percussive fevers. A cool goulash brewing ultra-smooth moods beneath dramatic buzzed-out attitude, “Circle,” orbits panoramic landscapes where gleaming antiseptic effects meet deep eclectic sets and exalted chill-pop operas turn lethal, conniving and irresistible. In a rare treat for Wisconsin, Haelos plays Milwaukee’s Back Room at Collectivo Coffee on Prospect April 8th

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