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  • Squarewave

    Album Title: Hazy
    Record Label: Artisanal Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    Squarewave - HazySquarewave - Hazy

    Ephemeral memories dispatch crackling clashes between steadfast head-trips dripping in pensive entropy and nebulous indie-rock webs stretched and caressed, strung from fruitless pursuits and sung with aching radiance, ‘Hazy,” weightlessly braves prickly wickedness, muted ambiguity and regal fatigue with Martian guitars, respiratory synths and wily violin. Battling salvation born from after the storm poignancy, the album’s stately chord progressions, engaging arrangements and meditative lyrics float over atmospheric theatrics practiced in prudent disillusion. Cloud-chamber lion-tamers launched into space; raw, beating hearts on their sleeves, lost among the stars and crashing into the sea, Squarewave’s anchored patience, yearning turns and marathoner’s second wind fold shoegaze jangle into origami mirages, simmering hymns abandoned, rescued and tossed adrift onto cosmic symphonics whispering beneath folk-melody sweetness plucked from steampunk reductions.

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