Album Title: Individ
Record Label: Polyvinyl
Review by John Noyd
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The Dodos - IndividThe Dodos - Individ

Lyrical lozenges skate gracefully over impatient syncopation as the three-pronged dynamo of voice, guitars and drums propel, ”Individ,” into fearlessly engineered musical pyramids; monuments to introspective momentum and integrated haste. The latest from San Francisco’s fluent duo arrives craftily packaged in rippling arpeggios, nimble cymbals and stomping flamenco; a boxer’s ballet balanced between choreographed collapse, crooning pursuits and enchanted cantering. Rhythmic precision fueled by passionate flash, compact thrash and subtle jazz, “Individ,” sail each song into aching prog-pop arches and arduous post-rock harbors that hark back to earlier furious curiosities while pushing forward into mature concerns. Jump-cut Olympians casting molten thunderbolts in cackling quicksilver, the Dodos’ patrolling control steer their always energetic experiments into multi-storied territories, punctuating heavenly streams in agitated blazes of endless invention.

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