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inn Cinema - Inn Cinema

inn Cinema

Inn Cinema
Record Label: Inn Cinema
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Review by Sal Serio
August 2011

Rasheed Thomas’ singing brings a quality to inn Cinema that’s way poppier than most music of the solid-rock arena, almost if Ben Harper got into a metal mood, or if Lenny Kravitz took his harder-edged material to the next black leather boot-heeled step. To his credit, Rasheed is emotive without even a whisper-hint of wussy emo, and rocker tough without being macho testosterones.

There’s an imaginative compositional style present, evident on “Live Your Life”, which takes many twists and turns of tempo and intensity level. The shimmering and spatially expansive guitar work by Dave Lizzio drives and colors these songs with a broad palette and endless variety of strokes.

inn Cinema’s debut CD ends on an especially high note with “Jazz Tune”, which is not totally dissimilar from the rest of the disc, but showcases Adam Woloszyn’s walking bass line and a scat singing coda from Thomas that appears in intervals. History has seen blues, country, and hip hop merge with metal… Perhaps inn Cinema are the trend setters of melodic nu-metal with be-bop jazz? Curiously, the song ends on a harmonic double-lead guitar rave-up in the early Judas Priest/Iron Maiden tradition. File under: Up And Coming Chicago Area Melodic Metal With A Hint Of Jazz, For Fans Of King’s X.

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