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CD Review
Jayke Orvis - It’s All Been Said

Jayke Orvis

It’s All Been Said
Record Label: Farmageddon Records
Review by Kaleb Bronson
October 2010

With a fully loaded arsenal of musically arranged chaos, Jayke Orvis has dropped the .357 String Band and the Goddamn Gallows for a brief moment to release his first fiasco-filled album, “It’s All Been Said.

His mandolin power impeccably smashes through beginning of the record, combined with a wide array of stringed harmonious beasts to flavor the entire album like a stuck pig ready for roast. From the ghastly, ghoul-soaked
intro of the record, Orvis sets the listener up for a dark and doom filled dose of reality.

The men of true country past as well as the rowdy cow-punks of the present day are sure to feel the aesthetic of this record. Whether the calming “Feelings Like This” carry the listener into a whiskey-doused rocking chair moment of relaxation, or the “Empty Bottles on the Shelf” offer the picturesque road song for all who have traveled the highways and byways of the world, Orvis offers a realm of true living.

Orvis lets the toe-tapping record gather speed throughout. “Thunderbolts and Lighting” can twist the blade in that soft spot of the heart and with the added flare of James Honnicutt’s quick hand, the track mellows the mind with temperament.

Orvis’ liking for a good horror film is spread throughout the record in miniature samples, adding a dark trail to follow and an appealing one for fans of the nebulous side of country music.

Many aspects of the record speak of rough relationships as well as the loves of Orvis’ life, including “Shady Grove Gypsy Moon” which designs a perfect dance around the fire and howl at the moon track of cultivation.

No one wants to go to jail for things,” introduces the track “Dreadful Sinner,” A high octane and vivid look into the realm of living above the law and the battles of people’s demons. The lyrical ride of this track is intensely fanatical, creating a chanting atmosphere in the listeners head.

Throughout this entire record Jayke Orvis shows that whether he rides with a crew of rough and rugged musicians with only to road ahead of them, or if he takes his own personal touch and pouring a shot for everyone to swallow, he has what is takes to be recognized with “It’s All Been Said.”

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