Christopher Paul Stelling

Album Title: Labor Against Waste
Record Label: ANTI-
Review by John Noyd
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Christopher Paul Stelling - Labor Against WasteChristopher Paul Stelling - Labor Against Waste

Rootin’ tootin’ finger pickin’ trickery tickles trickling trills and jaw-dropping fills as six-string slinger Stelling stuns in thundering mumbly-peg educations. Teaching and preaching hard-boiled allegories describing Pentecostal possibilities with zealous melodies, the swift, gifted vagabond laureate’s rambling preambles storm and warn in breathless progressions stirring tidal-wave revivals cast upon rocky shores lined in foot-stomping promises and redemptive runaway sentences. Nitty-gritty kinship circles blazing chamber-folk soliloquies while, “Labor,” works patchwork parables from boxcar pulpits into down-home honky-tonk gospel where dirt-floor metaphors restore feverish meaning to soul-stirring pleadings reaping backwoods wisdom inside tight-wrapped bluegrass rhapsodies. Arranging sage claims through free-wheeling auctioneers offering heaven-sent repentance from hard-won reverence, the profound earth-bound evangelist plays Madison’s High Noon Saloon August 21st along with Christopher Plowman and the Josh Harty Band.

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