Lion's Mouth

Album Title: Lion’s Mouth
Record Label: Area 44 Music
Review by John Noyd
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Lion's Mouth - Lion’s MouthLion's Mouth - Lion’s Mouth

Transplanted from Madison, WI to sunny L.A., Midwesterners Sara Wexler and Chelsea Zareczny carry an arsenal of powerful acoustics to their self-titled debut. At the core of the duo’s roar sits the tightly-knitted sympathy between drums, guitar and vocals; artfully intertwined for an energetic ride that is fueled by punk-rock fever, soulful alt-folk feeling and hospitable pop craft. Propelled by a voice filled with earnest yearning, Lion’s Mouth races in majorly layered riffs battling a persistent percussive blitz whose furious tag-team curiosity surges in a flurry of crackerjack accents and driving counterpoint. Amazingly the blissful bluster never overwhelms the sensitive sentiments lying at its quaking heart as the band wrestles with scandalous modern-day romances trapped among dynamic second chances, romping and stomping in melody-heavy sincerity.

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