Josh Rouse

Album Title: Love In The Modern Age
Record Label: Yep Roc
Review by John Noyd
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Josh Rouse - Love In The Modern AgeJosh Rouse - Love In The Modern Age

Ray-Ban suntans frolic in soft-rock cakewalks while country-club dreamers stalk satin-sheet streets heading towards an afternoon at the beach as light, bubbly synths swim in sleek, sophisticated lounge-songs detailing deceptively effortless pleasures behind subtle tropical bop. Songwriter, expatriate, voyeur, Rouse’s playful purrs coax vacuum-sealed feelings from zip-locked pop topped in carefree dares and cavalier lyrics. Cozy, sax-filled jazz slathered in break-through-the-clouds chords play against mellow morning-after melodies and beach-ball bass for a sublime, refined album. Hovering between impeccable replicas of golden moments and respectful revisions of dependable dilemmas, “Love,” captures signature originality under multiple traditions fusing infallible nostalgia and unapologetic novelty to timeless tunes packed in memorable tempos. Hear Rouse up close and personal, when he performs May 20th at Milwaukee’s Colectivo Coffee’s Back Room. 

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