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  • The Crookes

    Album Title: Lucky Ones
    Record Label: Modern Outsider
    Review by John Noyd
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    The Crookes - Lucky OnesThe Crookes - Lucky Ones

    Cardiac satellites catapult submerged urges into prancing manic courtships as The Crookes’ promising romantic stamina kicks power-pop jaunts roasted in heart-racing impatience from rose-colored pub-rock propositions; slamming candied music-hall anthems from fidgety indie misfits. Suave hurrahs from Teddy Boy choirs steeped in radiant riffs and galvanized sighs, Sheffield’s schooled hooligans produce fuzzed-out shin-digs from thick six-string pillaging born beneath lovelorn vocals and strapped to dapper eighties keyboards. Open-hearted larks from cobblestoned Romeos, “Lucky,” spins the wheel and plays to win, a monument to spidery pride devising clever webs connecting lively vibes to slacker jackpots snatched from ghost-coated tremolo, unshakeable beats and skulking bass. Adopting a breezier countenance from their brooding beginnings, the British quartet visit Madison’s The Frequency April 9th along with modern-pop electro-philosopher Geographer.

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