Camper Van Beethoven

Album Title: Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart
Record Label: Omnivore Recordings
Review by John Noyd
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Camper Van Beethoven - Our Beloved Revolutionary SweetheartCamper Van Beethoven - Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

Twenty-five years ago the major labels looked to indie-rock for the next big thing. Fostering a healthy dose of jaded joy and mischievous cynicism, Camper Van Beethoven may have seemed an unusual choice for the executives at Virgin Records, but against all odds, fashioned a landmark album that impressed long-time fans and catapulted their skewed visions to an international audience. A curious mix of smarmy styles hiding snide smiles, “Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart,” gleefully rocked out with odes to Death, Patti Hearst and cowboys on acid; mastering a strange brew of gypsy-folk, gonzo-rock and college-pop. The freshly minted reissue brings a sharper sound along with heaps of bonuses, from unreleased songs to live recordings, for an invigorating return to the days when old empires were falling and fresh ideas were taking hold. Along with, “Beloved,” Omnivore Records also has triumphed in remastering CVB’s follow-up, the equally ingenious, “Key Lime Pie.”

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