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  • The Bird and The Bee

    Album Title: Put Up The Lights
    Record Label: Release Me Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    The Bird and The Bee - Put Up The LightsThe Bird and The Bee - Put Up The Lights

    A match made in heaven where Tinsel Town meets Santa’s Midnight Reindeer Lounge, L.A.’s incomparable The Bird and The Bee work their special electro-pop jazz magic on traditional carols, holiday standards and fireside originals for a welcome holiday escape. Smooth grooves, upbeat takes and glowing vocals create cozy rose-colored comfort and sophisticated sugar-coated joy as, “Lights,” entertains gift-wrapped happiness and romantic notions bundled underneath candlelit mistletoe with friendly synths, tight harmonies and swinging arrangements that bounce from bright, bossa novas to frosted waltzes and swooning ballroom ballads. The duo’s immaculate gala balances enchanting singer Inara George’s polished sunshine with savvy multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin’s smart, sparkling solos; lending lively, inspiring good cheer to a well-coordinated production whose cool proficiency supports shiny kindness inside a warm rapport.

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