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CD Review
Real Knives - Real Knives

Real Knives

Real Knives
Record Label: Real Knives
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Review by Sal Serio
September 2011

Remember those friends you had in high school, the ones your parents would always hassle you for hanging around with? Those guys that were so rad to hang and get your kicks with, but inevitably always got your ass into some kind of predicament? Real Knives are like if those guys actually got motivated and organized enough to start a rock band. I’m not sure why. But this band is trouble. I can just tell.

And just like in high school, dammit, I’m still drawn in! I love this CD sampler, even if it makes me want to do deviant things. Y’know, stuff that will keep the Sunday Confessional interesting. REAL interesting. REAL knives. Amen.

Yeah, so it’s a 3 song sampler. Yeah these guys are from Madison. Yeah, they rock like the dirty muthas they are. What, ya wanna make something of it ?!?? This is get in the car, go to the club, spend a lot at the bar, and throw beer at the band type rock ‘n roll. Mom and Dad are definitely not allowed.

So… what the hell are you waiting for? The weekend? The party starts NOW! Put the Real Knives on the stereo and let’s get some booze already. Nope, louder. Louder! Yes! Let’s go do some crimes!

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