Album Title: Sun Structures
Record Label: Fat Possum
Review by John Noyd
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Temples - Sun StructuresTemples - Sun Structures

A heady wedding binding spacey paisley parades to groovy London pop, “Structures,” musters marvelous musical carnivals from roaring storms of twisted East Indian symmetry, toasted baroque love-notes and trippy hippie wisdom. Riding the rising revival of psychedelic rock, Britain’s exemplary Temples find their in-flight enlightenment in cosmopolitan romps whose reverb-laden harmonies, crackling synaptic flashbacks and fuzz-colored riffs swiftly shift from explosive go-go dancing trances to giddy cosmic blues. Heavily indebted to swinging sixties traditions, the well-schooled quartet channel their proven influences into unique and enthralling fusions; pollinating savvy swagger with rainbow-coated soul to traipse down sophisticated rabbit-holes doused in fashionable detours from turbo-charged mirage, psychotropic blow-outs and merry prankster bangers. The mod-rockers play Madison’s High Noon Saloon April 25th along with energetic post-punk punters Drowners.

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