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CD Review
The Helio Sequence - The Helio Sequence

Helio Sequence

The Helio Sequence
Record Label: Sub Pop
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Review by John Noyd
May 2015

Taking hold and pulling you under, the Oregon duo’s sixth album finds them washed in a swath of flickering wiggling and shimmering patterns; a cool nuanced confluence pursuing wiry spiraling guitar, scuttling percussion and strong, wandering voices. Wind-tossed synthesis brewed in tightly-wrapped packages saturated in straight-talk pop-rock, “The Helio Sequence,” subtly seethes in dreamy upheaval whose interwoven motions ooze through bobbing chops from aquatic clatter and smooth grooves stirred in sturdy gurgling. The result of a marathon song-writing and recording assignment, THS’s latest percolating circus works soft hypnotic propositions into a unrestrained meringue whose creamy soul rattles in intricate symmetry, propelling this self-titled recital into cozy explosions frosted in glossy blossoms. In their only Wisconsin appearance, The Helio Sequence visits Madison’s The Frequency June 26th.

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