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  • Evenstar

    Album Title: Through The Seasons
    Record Label: Boxman Records
    Review by Chris Fox
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    Evenstar - Through The SeasonsEvenstar - Through The Seasons

    Defining the sound of EVENSTAR is a complex task, given their punk and alternative rock influences. These Milwaukee natives deliver a seven song modern rock saga that will keep you interested. Masterful guitar work and well-constructed songs really force you to pay attention while surrounding you with symphonious sound. You won’t find any catchy choruses or defining guitar riffs, but the melding of all the important elements create great music. The intimate feel is different than that of most punk albums, and the true emotion of the music is incredibly apparent. Showing their diversity, these guys have a finite combination of fast and slow paced songs, but the feeling remains the same; upbeat and ready to give you a story.

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