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Album Title: Traction Blip
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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A Minute Jack Forum - Traction BlipA Minute Jack Forum - Traction Blip

Neatly assembled among bickering riffs, crackling beats and enigmatic lyrics, “Traction Blip,” swings from old school guitar duels to post-ironic wordplay to serve up richly literate, alt-rock honky-tonk decked out in strangled twang, syncopated jangle and barbed harmonies. A fairly recent band bolstered by years of collective experience, gallant mavericks A Minute Jack Forum beautifully brew a broiling stew of bronco blues and rousing frontier rock, shape-shifting earnest uncertainty and insatiable hungers between surfing turbulence, ballerina ballistics and cunning, coyote counsel. Motoring through finely-tuned grooves intercepting scrambled frequencies, the coiled quartet straddle savvy maps; charting cagey chords, howling catharsis and casual swagger in a welcome storm of contemplative complications, piecing together jigsaw dialectics and redneck intellect gathered from weighty fates, redemptive tensions and restless messages.

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