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  • Vixen's Janet Gardner

    Album Title: Vixen’s Janet Gardner
    Record Label: Pavement Entertainment
    Review by Tommy Rage
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    Vixen's Janet Gardner  - Vixen’s Janet GardnerVixen's Janet Gardner - Vixen’s Janet Gardner

    What does a dental hygienist and 80’s rock icon do in her spare time?

    Janet Gardner, the former lead singer and rhythm guitarist from the 80’s rock band Vixen, may have settled down, but she did not go away by any means.

    Married to fellow guitarist Justin James, who has worked with members of Stained and Collective Soul, the two share a new venture which highlights both of their talents. After taking time away from the spotlight to go back to college and focus on a career in dentistry, the former glam-metal maven has compiled four decades of solo material on her 10-track self-titled album (). Reminiscent of Vixen’s 1988 hit singles “Edge Of A Broken Heart” and “Cryin’” Janet Gardner leads the first track “Rat Hole” with powerful vocals and clever lyrics, accompanied by a modern mix. Mandatory guitar riffs tucked halfway through “Hippycrite” shine from guitarist and producer Justin James. “Candle” showcases Janet’s strong vocals with a Halestorm-type grind, sharp grooves, and modern flare. 

    As the leader of an 80’s glitter band which previously opened for Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi, no release would be complete without a power ballad.  “Best Friend” brings a nostalgic tear of joy for MTV videos and acoustic guitars.  The ‘ripped-jeans/bandana’ song closes out this revival release.  “The Good Or The Bye”, will make you wonder how many times you can rewind your Walkman cassette player to hear it again & again.

    You would assume that after stepping away from the limelight, that Janet Gardner might miss a beat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having helped pave the way for current female-fronted rock bands such as In This Moment and The Pretty Reckless, Janet Gardner continues to shine with her solo project and remind us that there was time when female rock bands weren’t just a poster in your locker, but are now a permanent fixture on your iPod.  This is one of those albums. 
    Check out Janet Gardner’s self-titled album on youtube: https://youtu.be/HCCZeUSODNA

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