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  • Raye Zaragoza

    Album Title: Woman In Color
    Record Label: River Rebel Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    Raye Zaragoza - Woman In ColorRaye Zaragoza - Woman In Color

    A nomadic daughter of immigrants, singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza is also a tireless fighter and defiant survivor whose calm resolve and fearless perseverance seeks unity in community with a lyrical spirituality rooted in nature and family. The solid, polished folk-songs on her Tucker Martine produced sophomore release, “Woman In Color,” build willful wonders animated with lively bass, sparkling electric guitars and tugging percussion cushioned in placid brass and soaring strings. Centered in subtle strengths, Zaragoza’s dark lustrous voice cuts through cantering anthems and galloping ballads while tackling biographical passions with hints of hurt behind touches of dreaminess to deliver poignant life lessons brimming in encouragement and concern. Political and personal, brave and sincere, Raye’s unwavering story-songs face injustice head on with nurturing certainty and liberated faith.

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