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  • Sleepwalkers with L’Resorts

    The Shitty Barn June 18th Spring Green WI
    by John Noyd
    Posted: Jun 2019
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    Sleepwalkers bashing it out at The Shitty Barn - photo by Dave Robbins

    Sleepwalkers bashing it out at The Shitty Barn - photo by Dave Robbins

    If Sleepwalkers didn’t have such a talent for crafting mega-infectious songs, they’d make a great cover band. The Richmond band headed by brothers Austin and Michael York, possess a real knack for sounding familiar yet fresh, juicing proven grooves, tweaking heat-seeking solos and humbly indulging in pumped pomp that reminds you of a half dozen fun things all at once. Radiating a friendly confidence headlining a sold out show at Spring Green’s The Shitty Barn, the band for the most part let the music do the talking; pausing to mentioned the last time they were in the state they opened for the Lumineers and a lot of the songs in the set are from an album coming out July 19th, “Ages.”

    When a band hones its chops locally, graduates to opening for a national band, then cuts a record that replicates the vitality of their live show with blockbuster chops, quick licks and zippy riffs, you know you are witnessing something special. I felt I was seeing Sleepwalkers at the peak of their powers on the verge of taking the next step up. The care Michael took adjusting his guitar pedals ever so slightly, fine-tuning his volcanic leads, reflected the attention the band put into the new album, a follow up to their 2014 debut.

    A band-produced affair with drummer Alex De Jong manning the boards, “Ages,” blazes in power-ballads catapulted into heaven-sent harmonies and squealing burners churning with breathless road-tested boogie; a groovy fusion of Southern California pop, heartland party-rock and smooth Philly soul. Traveling songs that hug curves, rev motors and kick up dust, Sleepwalker tunes unfold like a birthday card, splashes of effervescent sentiment, bright-colored reverence and warm supportive details. In an amazing display of technical dexterity, the band brought the varied sounds and flavors of the album to life, leaving the Barn audience dazzled, ending their set with everyone on their feet enjoying a moment of pitch-perfect, hip-swiveling bliss.

    Milwaukee’s casually upbeat L’Resorts kicked the night off with a brand of marimba-driven dance-pop that brought a sweet, tropical vibe to a beautiful summer night.